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Guestpost from DT.

I have been watching events unfold with in my mind two key events, the election of President Trump and Brexit.

President Trump has addressed the UN twice that I am aware of and his message to them in short was that the US is fed up with housing and funding them.  The UN has expanded into many organisations that were never intended to become UN activities and that they must downsize and stop interfering in the internal affairs of member nations. President Trump revealed that he had held meetings with UN senior officials about these things.

Another interesting observation was President Trump urging UK PM Theresa May to complete Brexit, he said that he had given her advice on negotiating with the EU. A shame she never took it.


Next was the visits by UK politicians to various Commonwealth of Nations member countries, reports were published about discussions revolving around Brexit not then completed and the UK renewing Commonwealth closer economic and defence relations. With both the USA and Japan
expressing interest in joining.

Meanwhile China has been busy promoting their global trade "belt and road initiative" and expansion of influence via loans to Pacific Islands, Africa and other countries. I viewed this as the China alternative to new UN centred New World Order  - One World Government Globalism Agenda.


Launched in 2013 as “one belt, one road”, it involves China underwriting billions of dollars of infrastructure investment in countries along the old Silk Road linking it with Europe.China is spending around $150 billion a year in the 68 countries that have signed up to the scheme. 

And again President Trumps' US trade barriers and other tactical initiatives dealing with China, and with Russia.

Another interesting development was the visit to India by former PM Tony Abbott and his comments about the need for Australia to get closer to India and become less dependent on China.

download 2020 03 17T114251.072

Note that when PM Morrison was being attacked for being on leave during the start of the 2019-2020 bushfire season it was pointed out that apart from him deserving a break with his family he had a busy 2020 travel schedule, firstly a trip to India for trade and other discussions.

 Unfortunately the opposition and media attacks resulted in cancellation of the visit to India which was scheduled for a later date, before the coronavirus arrived.

It has been obvious to me that the climate change hoaxers are desperate to maintain their momentum, "climate emergency" indicative of their desperation. Actress Greta becoming more shrill by the month, prompted by her handlers and financiers. Interestingly, and remember that when Marxists speak we should think the opposite, last year George Soros was interviewed and said that his ambitions would not be fulfilled, time had run out.

download 2020 03 17T114706

Really? Or was he planning an assault against the Trump-Brexit-Commonwealth and China opposition and loss of climate change hoax audience? Did COVID-19 wipe his plans out and did China plan that? Not targeting NWO alone but new " New World Order "  as well?

Time will tell. 

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