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All around the world, there is a growing sense of imminent crises… it is as though some central command has set the stage and choreographed the scenes that will come to the climax in the final scene.

The storm is coming and we may have to batten down the hatches. 



The United Nations, through their Paris Agreement, is uniting the Democratic world under an umbrella of servitude. Under the guise of climate emergency, global warming, climate change, whatever the current title of alarmism is, they are leading the foolish and blind into a pact with the devil.  Even Christiana Figueres, the UN’s climate change chief spokesperson, admits 

“ This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for 150 years, since the industrial revolution. “

What a frightening statement. An admission that Climate Change is not to save the world from ecological disaster, but to destroy Capitalism.

The Left in America are heaping on the pressure against Trump to deal the final blow to his Presidency. It is a bare fisted knuckle fight and the gloves are literally off. Any pretence has been dropped as they spew forth their gutter vitriol and traitorous rhetoric.

Boris Johnson is facing a vote of no confidence, now that he has prorogued Parliament. He had no choice, in my opinion: to allow Corbyn and his Remainer minions to pass a bill preventing a no deal Brexit was too dangerous to risk. Britain is on a knife edge as the Left enter the final battle – who wins this battle may well win the entire war.

In Hong Kong, the Communist regime in China is weary of these troublesome believers in Democracy. They know that, if China crushes their protests, it will be the end of Taiwan, Hong Kong and will lay the path open for unfettered access to the Pacific. Make no mistake, Hong Kong is make or break for China: if they fail to crush the upstart people of Hong Kong, their global fear campaign will be substantially damaged. Give one group an inch and the rest will rise up to challenge as well.

In Australia, the attack by the Left on Coal is sinister and foolish. With ludicrous focus placed on intermittent renewable energy and a move away from Coal, blackouts in the coming summer months are seemingly inevitable. With electricity prices 3 times those of America, the coal that is so desired throughout the world is exported yet shunned by our cowardly Governments – State and Federal.

Globally, the education syllabus has moved away from Reading, Writing and Arithmetic and now teaches Global Catastrophe and tolerance of gender diversity. We are creating a generation of terrified children who believe the world will end within 12 years and that the very people they instinctively seek for reassurance and comfort are now, on too many occasions, drugged out, leftist activists who worship rainbow unicorns and bearded ladies.

For those children fortunate enough to have a traditional family unit, they are punished for being from conservative families and at older ages, even penalised if they express admiration for Trump, Christian values or scepticism where climate catastrophe is concerned.

Our Judiciary throughout the Free World are letting pedophiles and murderers off with a tap on the wrist.  Indeed, all someone has to do these days is declare mental health issues and the Judiciary and the Leftie Luvvies rally around to sympathise and protect them, ignoring the trauma of the victim.

In many places, certainly in Australia, a man can identify as a woman by just declaring it to be so and he / she can change their mind every year….

White heterosexual males are the most victimised group on the planet these days.

Abortion is now a multi million dollar industry where little lives are treated as tumours to be excised from the mother’s body – human life is given or taken with the stroke of a pen and a bloody scalpel.

With the advent of acceptance of halal slaughter, the barbaric Islamic practise of slashing an animal’s throat to die in agony and terror is now just fine because we do not wish to offend the adherents of Mohammed.

Whilst women like Jacinda Ardern, the woman who became Prime Minister of New Zealand because ONE man decided it should be so, it is a tragedy to see this once proud little Nation succumb to Islam and a pseudo Communist regime with months of her arrival as Captain of the Ship.

When we wake up in the morning and wonder what the future holds, it is with good reason. Though many of us feel dread of the future, not because we do not know, but because we do.

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