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As you know, I do not advertise on Patriotrealm. I want to keep it that way. But, as time goes by, I am seeing more and more people coming to the site and our server is now overloaded. We need some help. Can you help ?

On first glance, our articles are not that well viewed but people are looking at our older articles and, as an example, Mike, the Oztrucker's article from a year ago has gone from a couple of hundred to nearly 2000. Our older articles are being read and re read by people from all over. 

I need some help. 

When I started this humble little blog, it was to give an opportunity for Citizen Journalists from all around Australia and the world to have a platform - a place - to speak their minds. I wanted somewhere for Conservative Patriots to contribute through comment or article and know that they were in a safe space, free of abuse from trolls and leftie luvvies. 

Perhaps it is a naive ambition to think that we can have a place that is ours. But I like to think so.

Well, it seems that we have been very successful. 


We now receive higher traffic than RP - though you would hardly know it, given the negative press we get there. But the statistics do not lie.


You can see from the above images that we are doing pretty damned well for a site that only started less than 2 years ago.

But we are slow. Really slow. Our server is overloaded. 

And that, my friends, is where you come in.

I am not rich. Quite the contrary. I live on, as the old saying goes, the smell of an oily rag. I simply cannot afford to upgrade my server to cope with the increased traffic to the site.

My income simply doesn't allow me the ability to pay an extra $700 a year to upgrade my hosting account. In fact, if I do not do something soon, the site will collapse and die because I cannot afford to keep paying my already rather high cost to host.

I am embarrassed to write this article. But - as I have said many times  -  the truth should always out.

I need $70 per month over and above what I already pay out of my pocket, my income, to keep the site online. I will not make a dollar out of your contribution. I have never made a cent. None of my contributors who write articles for free have ever received a dollar. 

We do this for the love of it. The pleasure of having somewhere where we can express our Conservative views in a world that is increasingly hostile to old fashioned integrity, values and commonsense.

So I ask you if you are prepared to chip in a few bucks every month and keep Patriotrealm alive.

I reiterate I WILL NOT RECEIVE ONE DOLLAR. It is merely to keep the site alive.

If you can pledge a few bucks each month to pay for the hosting, you have no idea how pleased I would be.

If you do not, I completely understand. We are all in a wealth of financial pain at present.

No matter what, I think we have had a great ride, and I have enjoyed every single minute of it.

But can we keep going just a little bit longer?







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