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As our families drift further apart ( whether it be through distance or because of political, moral or social differences of opinion ) we are starting to redefine so much of our traditional places of comfort. Poor old Uncle Bob who used to get a bit pissed at the family Christmas dinner and get carried off to the spare bedroom to sleep it off... or old mate Cousin Billy who used to bang on about the Government hatching a master plan to take over the world and we all said " yeah, yeah, good on ya mate " and get back to having a joke and a yarn about who would win the cricket; times have changed.

Today, I read a comment on a forum I belong to. It made me realise that FAMILY is a dying " Art " and one that too many people around the world have abandoned or simply do not even realise has been abandoned and stolen.. Certainly in the form that the current " woke " mob think it is. 

It all started decades ago and we were too naive or optimistic or busy working to see it coming.  

I share it here, with his permission and hope that it is not too late to get a sense of Family back - even if it is not the one we thought we wanted or needed... .or were born with.

After all, in our own way, places like this blog are fast becoming post nuclear families as our own families gravitate to their " new " families on social media and abandon those that gave them birth and gave them life and gave them the right to tell us to go to hell.

I believe that there is a very real possibility that social media - along with the " Nuclear Family " movement in the 60's was the beginning of the movie that has its last scene set in 2021. 


After all, what is family anymore?

meaning of family quotes
Too many families are being fractured by this New World Order Great Reset where we are discouraged from meeting Uncle Bob, ( he liked a drink and a smoke )  old mate Billy ( damn, he was right after all ) and Grandma ( maybe those calendars weren't that awful after all ) - instead, kids are being laundered by their WOKE Parents to treat their Family like lepers because it suits the Great Reset.

No wonder Hungary is fighting so hard.  

Part of the Great Reset is to destroy traditional family units and replace them with Social Media Families.

 " I have to wonder: was the Nuclear Family the bomb that is now destroying our families and perhaps we may need to grab our jam tins and our Uncle Bob and Cousin Billy and run for the hills? 

I have a nuclear family, a wife and two kids. We are at this point, quite literally "bunkered down" to survive what's coming. My kids have 7 aunts and uncles and 30 cousins they have never met. They have two grandparents that have not been able to visit for a year because of covid 19 or should that be Covid 1984?

I would like for nothing more than for all my family to live in the same place and live like an actual family. Not a dozen different Nuclear families stretched across 7 states and two countries.


The so called "nuclear family" was the first stage of the destruction of the American family. Splitting what were once strong, communal, extended families with a unified purpose and history into micro-sized pockets, heavily advertised by pedowood and the consumerist advertising market as "the American ideal," made them infinitely easier to corrupt. 

It created the "bored housewife" and the rebellious daughter that built feminism.



It created the reliance on the school system to raise children, which allowed feelings first, participation matters, communist indoctrination.


It splintered the faith families once shared into different churches and denominations across the country so they could argue on the holidays and then stop talking about God altogether.


It created the very concept of Consumerism.


It made watching a television a legitimate "family activity."



It created the era of total political apathy, so few people stayed in the town they grew up in, they had no connection or care for what happened in politics.


It completely disconnected the REAL American family into disparate characters whose flaws were the only thing to show up on Thanksgiving and Christmas. And then made fun of them.

It destroyed the very concept of a Patriarch, leaving each child soon to be his "own" patriarch without an ounce of wisdom to guide him.

 It is a wise father that knows his own child

The only thing "good" to come out of the nuclear family was a SINGLE decade of happy-go-lucky BBQs by moms and dads who would grow old watching their kids become depraved morons and destroy their own country from the inside.

Pretty much everything people blame on the "boomers" was the nuclear family being a corrupt and broken version of the once great American family."




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