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I had a chat on the phone this morning and the first question I asked .. " have they found the little boy in Victoria"   Yes... 
What is wrong with this world? This lad appears, according to news reports, to have committed suicide.
 14 years old and suicide?   It breaks my heart. 

"William's disappearance had sparked an air and ground search involving about 100 personnel from Victoria Police and the State Emergency Service.

But police appeared keen to enforce Melbourne's stage four coronavirus restrictions, which includes staying within a five kilometre radius from home.

William's two older brothers and friends, who spent Tuesday night with rescuers looking for him on dirt bikes were stopped from continuing their search the next day.

'We've been told by all the police, saying we're not allowed to help because we're beyond the five kilometre radius, which is going to put more of a delay in finding him,' his older brother Harrison told Seven News.

Family friend Flynn Cousens added: 'I'd rather go outside the five kilometre radius and find him than stick to five kilometres and let him stay out there another night.' 

As it turned out it would not have mattered how many people were out searching but that is not the point is it   His light was perhaps already out. . 

But people cared enough to try and find him. He should not have taken his own life alone and felt so unhappy. This is wrong   so very wrong that young people are dying because of lockdown and the sadness it has created. 



There are sad cases we are hearing all the time.   Another school boy who is was so unhappy missing school and his friends  he can no longer face such a miserable life and decides maybe Heaven sounds a better place to be.     How many others  feel the same?    Like young lads whose lives have become so unhappy without their friends how many others are dying because of the misery that lockdown has caused. 
I did not realize that in much of Victoria they haven't been allowed in school for months.     What is wrong with Comrade Dan ?   The name  Comrade used to be  ..    a friend , a helper,   a mate , some one you could trust until it became the name of Marxist  leaders.    That changed the whole meaning of the word.   Now it is  the Overlord, the person who pretends to look after your welfare  but in reality is looking after his own  interests.


People living in lockdown must be living the most  dreadful life.   Nothing to alter the  pace of the day.  Go out for your walk and then get hauled into a conflict with the  bullying police .  Handcuffed most of the time and taken away under arrest.    The older lady who had had a hip operation and had to rest for a little while  , then accosted by the Bully Boys and told  " not to sit down" .   Is that the behavior of people who are supposed to care and help?   Certainly not!!!!!
A farmer whose property is on both sides of the NSW and Vic  border.   Hay for sheep on one side and sheep on the other...   but The Victorian caring Premier says no crossing the border.     Sheep go hungry  but who cares.    Certainly not Comrade Dan.    Talk about animal cruelty.   
Workers... oh dear no one anywhere.  Too busy sitting around collecting the money the government is handing out.   It could take some of their energy and some effort if they went out and helped pick fruit and vegetables  .     No,   much easier to see it ploughed back into the ground.   Not only are the customers  but the farmer who has  worked all winter to get  greens  on  to our tables,  both are losers.   He will go broke and the householders will be living on rice if they are lucky.     National service...  get the unemployed off their backsides away from their smart phones and become productive human beings, doing something  to help .   They may find they would enjoy chatting and  mixing with other   young ones.    

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After my conversation this morning I felt very depressed at what is  happening.   Are others feeling the same way?     Are we to be victims forever or will something happen.  Elections , please change to someone who you feel will improve the future for us and our Country.   Dump the people who have proven to be useless , pretending that what they are doing is for the good of the people.   But in actual fact are preparing for a take over of our lives where the masses will accept any and everything the leaders want to dish out. 
As you can see Redhead is really fed up , she is very concerned that only a handful of people   are on the mark and realize what is going on.    The rest are like the poor sheep led by the Judas goat as a previous article has suggested.   Let  us do something before it is too late.   Talk to your friends , ask questions,  be prepared to argue and have disagreements....  but at least try.    Good luck.
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