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Things are not getting any better, are they?
I have just finished reading that New Zealand has the second highest suicides rate for teen agers in the   world.   That is something you can imagine happening in third world countries but  not New Zealand. From what I  can understand  it also has a very high poverty rate among children.    New Zealand used to be thought of as one of the loveliest places to live, but certainly not anymore.   What has happened over the last few years?   We all know but perhaps better not to put it into words.
 Here in Australia  an expectant mother has been arrested for .. from what I  can gather news wise …  writing about organizing a rally and how people  should be allowed to walk in the park and enjoy the sunshine etc. and hold a peaceful rally to object to the draconian house arrest of Victorian citizens.    Police have raided her house,  taken devices that may have nasty  writings on them  and get ready for it  …  arrested her.
Here is what she posted that lead to her arrest


Now, this is not a post from a master minded riot  planner. .    Not someone who is planning murder and killings.   Just a Mum saying we should be allowed to enjoy walks in the park etc.   This is Australia for goodness sake.    Land of the free, land of the beaches,   land of the surf lovers, land of  sports lovers.    Outdoor  and  healthy living.   You name it ..  freedom to enjoy the good things of life. 
Freedom. Heavens, we seem to have gone back to being a penal colony as Paul Joseph Watson said. 
 download 2020 09 03T130900.447
What has changed when people can vote for   full term abortion,  arrest if you  dare to  voice  an idea of healthy living.   People who can      decide that a kid of  tender years can be dosed up on all sorts of hormones to change their sex.   Schools that teach little ones  about masturbation and other  sexual things that  should be  left for later years.   The young years are for fun...    playing footy  ...  ballet dancing..  dressing up ..  birthday parties ..  climbing trees , skate boarding..  riding bikes..
Turn the clock back to when your kids were young.    We lived in a country area  , where sports days were the high light of the week,  visiting another school a few miles away to compete in a  foot ball game or basket ball,  all the mothers driving  groups  of kids in the car....   what a fun filled day of laugher and activity .   What have they had this year.  Home schooling.   No sports.  Just noses stuck in phones or a computer.   Fortunately things have improved and most schools are back to normal …   the Saturday football grounds are filled with kids and parents  supporting and enjoying.  
We have to do something about the suicide   rate of young people who have given up on hope and  their future , those who are living on the poverty line , or who have parents who are more interested in themselves than their children.   We have to get back to  planning careers , and not allowing the dole to be the  answer for their future.    A goal is what we have to plant in  young minds.     It doesn't matter if it changes as time rolls along but a positive  goal has to be there.   Something to strive for , something to work for,  the future.   Then they haven't got time to feel depressed and unhappy , the future looks bright and filled with hope. 
 download 2020 09 03T131419.846
Arresting people who try and  say we have to improve our situation,  a peaceful gathering , an exchange of ideas, trying to  lighten the load  of people who have lived in a time of lockdown and restriction .  Is that not giving hope and  encouraging  action towards a better future ,  we need hope and  expectation  to get back to some sort of normal existence especially people who have suffered the pain of living in a big   city.   
We need to look after the welfare of nearly full term babies.   All babies  matter.   The gender of our boys and girls matter.   There might be the odd exception but that can be dealt with later  when they are fully  aware of all the difficulties.  Not some parent who thought they would like a little girl and were given the  gift of a boy .. or visa versa.     I know we can't turn the clock back and we don't really want to,   but,  we would love to be able to look forward to a future that had some meaning,  had some benefits , had some anticipation of better things to come.          
Maybe if we valued the lives of our unborn or little ones a bit more we might have a more positive future.

All I can say is .. "Here's Hoping" .



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