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Do as you are told and become a slave? Good. Stand up for your Rights? Bad.

This year, 2020 could become the year of Slavery. Modern Slavery. But let us ask the question: Who are the Chosen Ones? And who are the new Slaves?

We appear to be facing a war on many fronts these days. PRIME Minister Morrison of Australia suggests a war fought on that premise of  No Jab No Pay and No Jab No Play . an Australian policy initiative which withholds welfare payments . In short, if you want EQUAL treatment you WILL HAVE TO get the vaccine administered. This is outrageous and sets a very disturbing precadent. Much like the Chinese Communist Party Social Credit Scoring whereby you have privileges ( yes privileges ) granted or withdrawn, depending upon your compliance.

Is this not modern Slavery? 

According to Epoch Times, published in 2018

The Chinese regime is pushing a new form of order under its big data “social credit” system, a system based on extreme surveillance and documentation that assigns each citizen a rating, and either rewards or punishes them.

“The social credit system being implemented in China represents the coming dystopian nightmare of authoritarian state control combined with networked databases that allow every meaningful social and economic activity a citizen engages in to be monitored for ‘compliance’ purposes,” said Dr. Robert J. Bunker, adjunct research professor at the Strategic Studies Institute at U.S. Army War College.

In June 2014, the Chinese regime published its plans for the social credit system, which publicly scores citizens on a wide range of metrics, including their online purchases, their daily behavior, and the people they associate with.

The system was set to become mandatory in China by 2020, but the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) recently announced that starting on May 1, Chinese citizens with poor “social credit” scores will lose the ability to travel by airline or train for up to a year.

Social crimes that could render Chinese citizens unable to use the travel systems include causing “trouble” on a plane, spreading alleged “false information” about terrorism, using expired tickets, giving an “insincere” apology, or even parking a bicycle in a walkway.

Bunker said the social credit system resembles something that could be found in George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984,” but noted this real system “is far more insidious,” as it represents “a massive social engineering program—one that will increasingly be [driven by] facial recognition technology and artificial intelligence” and that will be used to control close to 1.4 billion people in a totalitarian, communist system.

Now in 2020, we are seeing troubling trends in Governmental decisions that say to us that we will conform or be in some way punished if we do not do as we are told.  Sound familiar? Read the excerpt above again if it hasn't sunk in yet.

If you are a slave, you get punished. 

Compliance and be rewarded. Non compliance? Be punished.

I will re state the comments by PRIME Minister Morrison on this vaccination that is not mandatory but :

“I would expect it to be as mandatory as you can possibly make it,” the PM said.

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While State Premier of Victoria, Comrade Dan Andrews continues to impose a curfew on his residents, ( HIS RESIDENTS? Am I actually typing this? ) Comrade Annastacia  in Queensland says that " HER QUEENSLANDERS " will be " protected by not allowing a bubby born in NSW and treated in Queensland to see his parents... is somehow a privilege, not a RIGHT, I am becoming increasingly disillusioned and worried. 

I re read an article written by Ellan Vannin about her distress over the RIGHTS of children throughout the world: where one parent and a leftist court can make a life changing decision about the RIGHTS of a parent and a child:

Ellan opens by asking how we as a Society feel about surrendering our RIGHT to protection?

It seems to me that 2020 has been a year of experimentation on many levels.

How would the world cope with a mass pandemic? How far can the Powers That Be push the populace ( that's us, by the way ) before we declare that we have had enough and fight back? How much will we endure if we are TOLD what to do in the interests of the common good?

Well, it seems that we will take a lot more than I thought we would.

We have, in less than one year, surrendered our RIGHTS to travel, speak freely, act freely and even hug or see our loved ones.. We have surrendered our RIGHT to shop when we want, where we want or even buy what we want.

We have globally surrendered our RIGHT to vote how we want and we have surrendered our ADULTHOOD.

Now it seems that  we are happy to have our Governments make decisions for us that we hitherto made for ourselves. And we have allowed Social Media to do the same.

download 2020 08 24T141843.768

In less than one year.

That is one hell of an accomplishment, isn't it? To turn a populace in to children being TOLD what do is a rather masterful achievement. What is even more astounding is that those who dare to defy the dictates are now being spat at, attacked, abused and treated like outsiders should they refuse to wear a mask or follow the ORDERS.

In less than one year.

We are about to see millions of people line up to receive a vaccination against a mutant cyber goat  without considering whether or not the mutant cyber goat actually exists or, more importantly, the vaccine could be the thalidomide of the 21st century.

All because our Governments are telling us that if there is no jab, there will be no job and no pay if we don't play by their rules.

Well, I hope they are up for the consequences if they are wrong. Because the stakes are high.

If these vaccines and treatments they are about to force upon us turn out to be a thalidomide disaster, then their names will go down in history as the greatest traitors to humanity the world has known.

Or do they not care? Have they buried disclaimers in some midnight legislation passed? Or will this be yet another pink batts " regrettable " decision?

Children around the world are being subjected to horrific irresponsibilty because a girl is a tomboy or a boy is gentle in his demeanour.

Kids are being taught that Australian Indigenous people were farmers and town dwellers.... by a man who has as much Indigenous blood as I have - which is NONE.

Our entire history is being turned upside down and our counrtries being disassembled, like lego models that use the same pieces but create different outcomes.

But we are not Lego models. We are not children.

As Ellan said in her article " How will the parents of these poor children feel when one day their boy/girl says to them: " How could you? You were supposed to protect me and you did this to me? "

And how will we feel when our children ask us the same question about this virus, this vaccine and this year?

And, if our Governments are asked the same question, will they even care?


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