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Redhead wrote very passionately about a subject that is taboo to many of us: Rape. How she felt that this most horrific of crimes is being swept under the carpet because it is too distasteful and too abhorrent to bring out in to the open.

One of our commenters raised the subject, quite rightfully, that there are too many who are too quick to judge and that men need a fair go when it comes to this increasingly controversial behaviour. 

I think back to when Julian Assange was accused of rape, charged with rape and then was subjected to years in isolation because some woman had said she did not agree to have sex with him. Rape? 

So let's talk about this.

Julian Assange was accused of rape after he had enjoyed the company of a woman and they had fallen asleep after their evening of conjugal bliss. He woke up during the night and felt the urge to have a " quickie " without asking his female partner for her consent.  She subsequently accused him of rape and he buggered off to the Equador Embassy to avoid the Swedish Courts who would only debate the rights and wrongs of a nocturnal nudge that was somehow turned in to an accusation of a crime that is so abhorrent to most of us.

Was that rape? Was that an act of violence so hated by society? An act of being taken by force?


It was an act of a nasty woman who used the law to try and destroy a man. That was not rape. That was an act of vengeance.

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Some years ago, I heard of  two men who were returning home from an evening out. Bowling at a ten pin alley as I remember. It was raining and they saw a woman standing beside her car - and they stopped to help. She had a flat tyre. They quickly changed her tyre and came home to later be greeted by Police saying that they had been accused of raping the woman. Fortunately they were cleared of this accusation because DNA proved that they were not involved. The woman had been off to have a dalliance with her lover and she " smelled " of sex when she got home to her husband. She quickly accused the men of rape.  Her saving angels became scapegoats. Thank God they were vindicated. But not before their lives, reputations and marriages were hauled through the mud because some woman decided that she needed a victim.

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There was a man who was accused of abusing little children - the next door neighbours kids. He and his wife were hounded out of the neighbourhood. The accused hanged himself. Years later, it was revealed that the father of the children was the perpetrator.  Yet we, as the neighbours, quickly leapt to the support of the outraged father who firebombed that innocent man's home.

A teacher who was accused of sexual abuse by a year 12 female student... his marriage destroyed, his children taunted and his reputation utterly decimated. Only to find, when the matter came to court, that she was angry with him for giving her a bad mark in her student submission paper.

So, what was Redhead talking about? Julian Assange having a quick " wink wink, nudge nudge " - an accusation of rape in the rain or a female student who wanted to seek some sort of revenge because her teacher didn't give her a pass mark in an exam?


What happens to these women who make these accusations? NOTHING.

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Redhead was talkiing about an act of violence. An act that to most of us in what is left of our civilised society is deemed to be abhorrent, reprehensible and without excuse.

Forget this nonsense about cultural differences. OUR culture, OUR way of life does not countenance this behaviour. Neither should it. Neither should we as members of that society we call OUR own.

Rape is not a matter to be dealt with on a level of " cultural issues. " It is not something that should be denigrated by some Judge's opinion. 

It is the act of TAKING BY FORCE any human being for sexual gratification against the wishes of the victim.

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When people do horrific things to innocent and unwilling victims, that is a crime. When those acts of violence are of a sexual nature, it is rape.

So, in my opinion, Redhead was right.

Castrate the bastards.

But we must remember the difference. Most men are protectors, not invaders. 

We must look after and support those men who are proud enough and brave enough to stand up, fight and defend our children and women, our innocent and our vulnerable.

After all, is that not what MAN KIND is all about? Being men and being kind? 


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