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Between the United Nations and our over zealous Governments, we appear to be protecting the Rights of the few over those of the many.

The Right of the Woman over that of an unborn child. The Right of the homosexual over that of the heterosexual; the Right of the refugee over that of the Citizen; the Right of the Moslem over that of the Jew or the Christian and the Right of the offended over that of the tolerant.

How can we, the silent majority, become victorious?  Will we allow ourselves to become victims? 

It is up to us.





Someone’s Right to be offended is the greatest Right of all today :  but that is THEIR problem, not mine.

The minute our Governments conform to prioritising the Rights of the minority over the majority ,  one will always end up worse off, Us.  The majority. 

In the old days, when common sense prevailed, it was because of what was deemed to be Common Sense. Much like the use of the word “ reasonable “ in so much of our Law today.

Common Sense was quite simply what the common people believed to be sensible. Much like the definition of reasonable. “ Reasonable Force “ is an example.  What is truly reasonable?

Is it reasonable for a 14 year old to run a round a school playing field? Yes it is. Is it reasonable to expect a 90 year old to run around that same field? No, it is not.

Common sense.

When our Governments adopt Human Rights dictates, United Nations recommendations and then apply them in to our Laws, are we not over riding Common Sense? What is reasonable?

That is the danger that we face today.

Laws are being passed in order to satisfy the outraged opinions of minority groups; outraged and offended people who do not agree with Common Sense and what happens?

The Common Law has been over ridden by the Rights, freedoms and Liberty of the few and the majority views are destined to become offensive to the few – therefore, illegal.

That is why our Judiciary are so important: the minute Case Law over rides Common Law and becomes Statutory Law, we are stuffed.

While we have a left leaning and vocal minority who are ruling our Press, our Judiciary and our Common Sense, we are doomed to fall victim to suppression of the rights of the many in favour of the views of the few.

Every time we accept a Human Rights Commission ruling, we have diminished our own Freedom, Liberty and Survival.

Never has the situation throughout the world been so grave.

Hong Kong showed us that the majority CAN have a voice. Though I worry about the consequences for Taiwan – but that is another story.

I listened to a broadcast from Britain today on Nigel Farage’s radio show. I was disturbed by the number of callers who said that they have given up and now are too unsure what to think.  How many, though, suffer from mental and emotional overload “ oh, just do what you bloody want. I don’t care anymore. “

In Australia, our generous and “ no worries mate “ attitude are being used against us.  How many in America are fighting for their right to bear arms because it is their Alamo moment? How many in New Zealand are too frightened to say anything for fear of being arrested?

How many of us would say that we want out of the United Nations and get back to being allowed to have our COMMON Sense, our Community standards of Right and wrong, rule our right to Freedom and Liberty?   

Victory over Stupidity? 

When the People of a Nation are told that the only person who has a right to run around a playing field is a transgender or gay or Refugee – and that they will be penalised UNDER LAW for objecting – then maybe we have a problem?

When the drug addicts and pedophiles and rapists are forgiven because they have mental issues, are we not entitled to be pissed off and outraged?

When women are allowed to murder their unborn infants, demand positions that they are not entitled to through merit, do we not have a problem?

When people of darker complexions are allowed to shame us for being paler skinned, do we not have a problem?

When Laws are passed that defy Common Sense, do we not have a problem?

Is it time to get out of the UN and reclaim our Voices, our Freedom and our Liberty?

For myself, it is our only chance of survival: to reclaim our Sovereignty and our Right to Survival.

Under the United Nations, we are buggered and we will fall to the dictate of the few over the many. Democracy? 

Victors or Victims? I choose Victory. 

The alphabet culture has to go. The UN, EU, LGBT, whatever, it is time to reclaim Democracy and allow Common Sense to prevail. 


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