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I have just read with horror the number of babies and little children being  brought up as total Vegan fed victims.   I wonder if the parents of these unfortunate       children were similarly brought up that way.  

Oh No.  Probably not. 

They would have had Mother's milk to begin with, then cow's or goat's milk as a supplement , special baby food , then slowly given the taste of vegetables and meat. 

Nothing like seeing a little one sitting in his or her high chair with a lamb bone  from a roast of lamb  and letting the new teeth work on that treat.  So good for them!


Followed by custard  and stewed apples or peaches for a sweet.   That type of beginning set those neglectful parents up with  a good start in life.   But what do they do for their poor child , a starved underweight and slowly dying example  of what should have been a happy and thriving   healthy baby enjoying life and looking forward to a bright  future.    Instead they get fed raw vegetables,   raw fruit ,  right from the time the Mother's milk has been taken from them .  then  fed on something that their poor little tummys cannot  digest.   

What are these cruel and  very neglectful  criminal parents thinking of!!!!!

No different I suppose to the way some of our cattle are treated to a diet of food that is against their digestive system too.    We humans have a lot to answer for , we are doing  things that are so against what is right not only for our children but our animals too.    Feed lots.     Penned  and housed in enclosed areas in muck and filth  and we  think that is taking care of our responsibilities  to our live stock.   

It is time that we looked very closely into the welfare of our animals .  If we are tasked with doing that surely we can be more responsible for the welfare of our little children.    Too late when they are at death's door or dead.  

This is happening too frequently  now  and has to be stopped.

Well developed  men and attractive women will not result from a diet that is not compatible with the human system.   Teeth and jaws will not develop properly unless exercised with pulling meat off a bone  and chewing food.   Muscles and bones will not  become strong if not properly nourished.    

So, you Vegan Parents get your poor brains working again , read what a new baby and little child needs to flourish to become healthy teenagers and get a good start on life.  


I also hope that the  back lash from your families and friends , if you have any,  will be so critical  of your callous behavior  toward the little life that was in your care , that you will be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves and also that you never have the opportunity to  treat another little baby in the cruel and heartless way you have on the  baby you just killed.  

I also hope that the Authorities that are  dealing with these  acts of neglect and cruelty  will deal with them appropriately  and send a message to all Vegans , that if you have children you have to do what is best for them . 

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