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I have worked for nearly 2 years without a day off with little reward other than the knowledge that, to me, it is a job well done for those that need a place to express a view without fear or favour, as the saying goes.

These days, we live in a place where life is so uncertain and unpredictable. the last thing we need to do is turn on each other.
I have always invited all people to send me articles and contribute their thoughts on how we navigate this place we now call our home. Australia. America. New Zealand. Britain, where ever you live and put your head down at night is your home and you want it to be  place of safety, security and love.
When I created patriotrealm, it was to give me a place to voice my opinion, express my outrage or lament the passing of a time that seems to have gone in to the Never Never or the ' Dreamtime ".
I got up, every morning, sat at my computer and typed. I typed from my heart and shared my love of history and my love of decency. Over time, I was joined by others who shared the same humble aspirations: to create a future that our past deserved. The only way we could and can do that is by looking at the present and trying to retain some semblance of normality and sanity.
My writers, like me, are amateurs. The only thing we have in common is a love of RIGHT. DECENCY. NORMALITY. FAMILY. 
Hard work and reward for effort, endeavour and commonsense.
My writers come from places I can identify with - not geographically or even in terms of age group or socio economic background. I identify with them because they are like minded.
I have had articles from " Coobey Farmer " a young man struggling after opiod abuse who has had to re discover who he was and is.
Redhead, my much beloved 88 year old who writes with such purity and honesty - in a style that is distinctively hers.
Her daughter Shaydee who can be cheeky and humorous while also thought provoking.
Ellan Vannin with her nostalgic trips down memory lane.
Old mate Jake Irish who can be a bit vocal and not necessarily every one's idea of a social commenter. 
Bruce - well, Bruce loves his wife and is a vocal campaigner for the dignity we should afford to our elderly. And God Bless him.
BK has been a staunch supporter of this site .  I value his input and appreciate his loyalty.
I want to acknowledge the likes of John Ruddick who contributed to this site, long before many of you guys did and , boy, was I grateful and privileged for his article.
Mike Williams, the Oz trucker. Who now has his own podcast and interviews the likes of Caroline di Russo. Yep, Mike wrote for patriotrealm.
I received an amazing article from an American, James Conkey, who was so delighted with his first printed work, he is now writing a book.
All the time that many were elsewhere and blissfully unaware that this modest site existed, our little team of people were here, everyday, plodding on.
My dear, late departed Raymond F Peters who only wrote 4 articles but his words are sadly missed. His wisdom recorded here, on patriotrealm. A man who worked hard in his life and, hopefully, in this blog, will be remembered for being a wise man.
Bottom line?
I work bloody hard to keep this site afloat and I do it because I give a damn. And, by the way, I thank Bruce, BK and James Conkey and an anonymous person from New Zealand who have shoved a few bucks my way to keep the site going.
We are all under pressure right now.
Don't turn on each other.
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