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I keep watching the news and hearing and reading about people who " take the knee " and I wonder. Do they have any idea what they are doing?  A symbolic stance that makes them feel as if they are doing something worthwhile. 

Do they realise that they are not bowing in service to someone to whom they feel allegiance, but rather that they are bowing in subservience to someone who they may come to fear and loathe? 

My Dad met his future wife in a small town where young British Naval personnel were offered hospitality and welcome respite from the rigours of post war South Pacific engagements. He took a knee to my Mum and offered her his life, his unswerving devotion and his heartfelt love for the rest of his life.


He honoured his commitment until the day he died. Aged 89. 

My mother, in accepting his knee, accepted his promise to look after her and always ensured that she and their children would be kept safe. I am one of those children. 

He took a knee for her and their future children. He took a knee for me and my children. He took a knee for their children. 

The day he proposed to my Mum, he took a knee to protect her and all those who have come after him.

When I read about people taking a knee, I feel pretty upset. To me, taking a knee is about something that Knights did in the medieval times when you swore allegiance to someone. A King, a Queen, a Lord. A husband. A Wife. 

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When I think of when my father got on his knee to my Mum, it made sense. He was pledging love and loyalty and devotion to her for the rest of his life.

What do these young people thing they are doing? 

When young football players or netball players kneel do they truly know what they are doing? Pledging allegiance to something or someone who doesn't really care about them or their values?

Do they know what they are doing when they take a knee? 

Do they realise the implications of their actions? 

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Well, here is the last word from Redhead:

I see these  clips or videos of sports people one knee  kneeling and   the  thing that springs to my mind is,  once a upon a time sports people stood proud,  hand on heart and respected the Country's anthem, the God Save the Queen.   What are they doing now?    Trying to belittle those very things we hold dear.    They don't deserve to represent our Country , good on the girl who stood and showed her independence.     I applaud you.

Are our Footballers going to fall down on a knee when the Anthem is played ?   If they do they are beaten before even the game has started.     Their image should be , and I am sure will be, standing proud  and look out fellows here we come.     other Are our Police going to Kow Tow and  follow the rest of the cowards , I don't think so!   Can you imagine the Armed Forces   following the tend and not standing proud when they hear  Advance Australia Fair  or Waltzing Matilda or  any of our patriotic Australian songs.   There is taking a knee and taking a knee!

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 No.    They are going to be like that very brave and patriotic girl who stood in front of everyone and  said loud and clear I will not follow the mob!  I love my County and I will do my best and not be  shamed into doing something I do not agree with.   Come on people stand up and be counted show the Government how we all feel.  We want to keep our Country,  Australia,   independent and  with the freedom to speak,  to think, and  act.  

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Why would we want  a Communism   regime  to replace our way of life?   We have had enough of being told no coal fired cheap power,   ask how people feel with high power bills and scared to turn the heaters on in this slightly colder   than normal winter.   Even here in Queensland I have had to turn my  heaters on,  so goodness knows how people are faring in Victoria especially.   Certain areas confined to their homes again , not even out for a walk to warm up and keep the circulation going.    Heavy fines if out and about!   If the Virus doesn't get you the cold will kill you! 

All I can say  to everyone is  "Advance Australia Fair".    Stand up and Mean it!


And so say most of us Redhead.

When I read your words, all I can say is so say all of us.

God Bless.

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