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In 12 minutes. Paul Joseph Watkins has told the story of the the takeover of our Western World. 

Sometimes, the old adage of a picture speaks a 1000 words somehow seems inadequate. This is one of those times. As I await my desperately needed new modem, I have to limit my on line time and I stumbled upon something that tells the story for me.

Please watch it and tremble. It is so terrifying in its honesty that I wonder if we will ever see sanity again?

The Covid-19 aka Wuflu, Chinese virus, that was a distraction. THIS is the real Virus.

Unless our Governments erase the leftist corruption, the Chinese Communist Party and the greed and treachery from our Parliaments, this is our future. Unless we get common sense back in charge, this is our future.

It is our present, but it does not need to happen tomorrow. We still have a chance to restore normality.

God help us if we don't, because no one else will.

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