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    I sometimes wonder are we better off not to know what is going on and have our heads buried in the sand.   Everywhere you look , it is all about getting everyone under someone's thumb!!!!!  Who is your friend with your best interests at heart and who is your enemy waiting to do the dirty on you and your fellow citizens.  

Unfortunately I cannot think that closing your eyes to what is going on is the answer.   One day we will all wake up and find that  we are no better than the little toddler who is told be careful, don't go there you might fall over, eat up your dinner , go to bed and get your sleep, stay clean , wash your hands,  be good and everyone will love you.  

     Now that might be   suitable for a toddler but  for adult  people who up until now have managed  very nicely to manage their lives and are now being told, you are not allowed to do this,  or not allowed to do that. The terrible thing is that there are a lot of people who are very happy to be allowed to sit at home , only go out when   it is   absolutely necessary.   They have this idea that they are being cared for.

     I have just watched a  couple of video clips that are warning us of what is going on behind the scenes and it is very invasive  , very cleverly taking away our independence, our freedom , and we are being turned into the slaves.   Black lives Matter.. What a laugh.    All lives matter and we are all so stupid we cannot see that it is  really only the ones the" Powers that Be"  want.   The rest are superfluous .

     It is terrible the way our lives have changed , a  few months of lockdown and a curtailing of activities and we are all like poor little lambs being led to the slaughter.  

The rioting mobs think they are the ones dictating but they are even further under the  thumbs of the  Dictators and will be the first to  fall under the waiting swords.  

The day is fast approaching that we are all going to wake up and  realize we have left it too late, we have been taken over  and there is nowhere to turn to free ourselves.    If you think this little experiment has been a pain  in the butt, wait until it is a permanent fixture in our lives and  with even more stringent  rules and regulations.  

      Down the beach standing up on the  dunes looking out over the ocean is about the best place to be at the moment .  There you feel free from all the  propaganda  and  lies, the news of the vicious riots , the killing , and not to mention the desecration  of Monuments and Statues of past  renowned  people.     To breathe in the salty air  and look at the horizon  in the far distance  …  that gives you hope  that all is not lost and some tough and able  men just might be able to   rescue us all and find a way out of this mess.   The prayers and hopes  are out there, just let it happen.   

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