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As people around the world go on the rampage to loot, kill and destroy property, I have to wonder what happened to the basic things like the love of a child for its mother and a love of a mother for her child?

I received an email this morning forwarded to me by Redhead that got me to thinking: have we sunk so low that we call horrible people “ animals “ yet the animal kingdom seems to have stayed true to the love that so many today have lost?

What an insult to our animal kingdom that the word we have chosen to describe those of us who are hateful and evil and cruel -  is " Animal ? " 

The email I received was all about a Koala Bear and it read:

A Baby Koala Clings To His Mother While She Undergoes Surgery.

mime attachment

Lizzy the koala was taken to a wildlife hospital in an Australian zoo, with her son holding on to her side. Poor Lizzy had been hit by a car. Her little boy, Phantom, only 6-months-old, was luckily unharmed and screamed when they tried to remove him from his mother.

 mime attachment1

Lizzy suffered a collapsed lung that required emergency surgery. Phantom continued to hold on and would not leave her even during the operation. Lizzy survived the surgery and is currently recovering with Phantom by her side.

mime attachment2

These amazing images displaying a son’s love for his mother are heartwarming. Please take a minute and share these wonderful images with someone you know.

 mime attachment3

As a little girl, I used to go to Sunday School in my small country Church. We learned all about God’s Love for us as his children. We were taught to love our parents as much as they loved us. My Preacher taught me that Love was not a word, it was a state of being. It was a state of wellness and encompassed many other things like Respect and Compassion and Mindfulness.

My Sunday School teacher taught me the Gospels and the parables and, at the heart of everything was this word called Love.

I often wonder these days, how this rich and deeply emotionally broad word has become so sullied?

Sullied by lust, by perversion and by misinterpretation.

I then got to wondering about how much Love there is in these Riots? Or any Riot?

After all, the looting is part and parcel of the game, isn't it?  In Hurricane Katrina, looting was seen as an opportunity . Never let a chance go by, as they say. 

katrina 4

Or how much lust and greed there is by the looters who care nought about the man's name used in their justification for violence. Do they even know who George Floyd was? Have they even looked at what kind of person he was? Do they even care?

How much perverted justice there is in those that use this as an excuse to disrupt our peace and harmony in order to carry out their Political aims?

Probably not a lot.


As I read this email and contemplated the way the Press, the MSM refer to these horrible people as animals, I could not help but think : what kind of animal destroys the homes and livelihoods of his fellow " animal " ? What kind of animal kills for enjoyment? What kind of animal treats the old and infirm with callous disregard?  What kind of animal lies and cheats and hates with such venom that they worship at the altar of destruction? What kind of animal kills its unborn for profit? 

There is only one animal that does all of these things and that animal is humankind. 

So stop calling these terrible people animals. They do not Love. They are incapable of it.

Call them what they are: 


To come back to my original question: 

I have to wonder what happened to the basic things like the love of a child for its mother and a love of a mother for her child? "

Well, I have only one conclusion to make. 


Patriotrealm was on target by saying that the Lunatics have taken over the Asylum. 

When Love is moved to the bottom drawer and anarchy reigns, we are in the Asylum and the Inmates have taken control. 

How do we get the keys back? 



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