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What a lovely way to welcome the New Year in...  Just tape a bunch of firecrackers to a kitten.   I would love to tape a bunch of firecrackers to the young fellows who performed this cruel act.   What is wrong with the way we are bringing up our children.      If they could feel the pain and  the terror that they caused to this poor unfortunate victim of their cruelty  maybe they would think twice about committing this dreadful act.
The problem  is too much free time , not enough to keep them fully occupied.   Once they would be mowing lawns helping catch up on the work around the house,  but today   we  have a man come and do the gardening , come and mow the lawns , even a lady who comes and does the housework .     So the teen -ages sit around with their smart phones and i pads and  pass the time thinking up ways of being a nuisance  , thinking up ways they can grab some poor innocent animal and "have some fun" !

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If the "do gooders" looked at life through clean  and open eyes  instead of     through smeared and grubby lenses  maybe they might see life as it is at the moment.     Worrying about  names ..Boys .. Girls.. Mother .. Father .. Brother... Sister etc.   All I can say is get real ,  they are our Mother,  they are our Father,   we do have brothers and sisters.   Accept it.    It will be interesting to see how many times the people who have changed this naming slip up and make a mistake.    Forget the new term!!! 
There are so many things they could be paying attention to, but no,  they go for the changing of the anthem , change the flag,  change the  English language, change the way we live,  in UK I have just read that they hauled some  older  lady over the coals for feeding the wild pigeons  .   I feed the pigeons and the lorikeets , the little mina birds  I  even have a number of turkeys turn up for time to time.     Luckily  I live where the police have more sense and  go about their correct business.   Little things like feeding the birds makes a pleasurable moment in the lives of us oldies ,  We don't see our families we don't have much to look forward to at the moment and they even take being kind away from us.    In UK,  not here fortunately in Queensland.

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But back to the real reason for writing this item,  the very definite trouble with our younger boys in particular, last year it  was the lighting of the bush fires.  This year it seems to be  how cruel and nasty can we be to any innocent little animal.    The  fact that a lot of young fellows do not play some form of sport, that in my opinion takes a lot of the extra energy  and gives them something to focus on and not think up ways of being cruel. 
Why do the parents not encourage them to  play tennis, footy, surfing , swimming  to name but a few of the  activities that   keep them out of mischief .  Or am I being old fashioned  ,  living in the past , thinking of the things my boys did as  teen-ages?     But I will say one thing … they did not tape firecrackers to kittens, they did not participate in cruel acts, they  rescued any creature that was hurt or in need of assistance.   
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 Maybe that is the difference  we brought our families up to be aware of people in need  and  the welfare of our animals, both pets and  our cattle and sheep.   No  penned living,  no caged chooks, no halal killing.   Paddocks of green grass ,  no live export  of cattle and sheep  in such callous conditions.  Talk about turning the clock back.   We should be moving forward , actually we have to move forward ,  otherwise we are doomed and we may as well tape the fire crackers to our  bodies , because  that is what life will be like if we don't get back to some good old fashioned rules.

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