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Every morning I wake up and tentatively hit the links to my favourite News websites and find myself increasingly discouraged at the year that 2020 has become : a crescendo on the Battlefield that has become our Lives.

I click with trepidation and think to myself “ what the hell am I going to learn happened while I was sleeping?

And perhaps that is it in a nutshell. While we were sleeping in our comfortable lives and in our comfortable homes and comfortable communities, there has been a storm brewing and we ignored the tell tale signs – or, at the very least, tried to minimise the horror of that approaching storm.

All around the world, Green leaning Minority Groups bey for our blood and our Governments kow tow to their demands and look after their voices while telling us to remain silent.

Between the United Nations and our over zealous Governments, we appear to be protecting the Rights of the few over those of the many.

Our lives have become ruled by vocal minorities who feel that just because they yell louder, their voice is of more importance.

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And our Governments listen to their voices and ignore us because we have stayed silent. We whimper and roll over and say “ well, maybe our vote will count at the next election.”

And election after election, we find our voice becomes less impactive and the voice of the few becomes louder and louder until it rings in our ears and dominates the airwaves, our TV screens and our Social Media. To such an extent that those who do speak out are decried as conspiracy theorists, Right wing nutters or fascists and racists.

Over the past months, I have had nightmares where I am being attacked and I am crying out “ help “ but my voice seems stifled. I cannot speak, call or cry out. It is as though I have had my vocal chords cut and all I can do is grunt and moan. It is a frightening dream. A nightmare.

When I wake up, I read about some other injustice or severing of my metaphorical vocal chords and feel less inclined to get up out of bed and face a day that promises nothing more than a repetition of the day before – except only worse than what has come before.


I used to think that it was up to us to reverse this Minority Rule but… now, as our Governments continue to listen to the Vocal Minority and legislate to silence our calls for a “ Fair Go “ I cannot help but think of the quiet kid in the family who never does anything wrong and plays second fiddle to the tantrum throwing sibling.

Our votes are becoming worthless as our “ Rulers “ change the rules. Our News has become propaganda and our Social Media censored so that we cannot speak.

The weather storms that brew are being politicised as Climate Change; our social storms politicised as Racism and our Rights are being buried under pallets of bricks hurled at us by Leftist paid terrorists who are being paid to destroy our Democracies.

While we are instructed – by Law – to maintain Social distancing, it seems that the Chinese Virus aka Wuflu does not infect looters, rioters and leftist political anarchists.

The REAL infection we are facing is Socialist and Communist Bullying that has been infecting our societies for decades.

Our broadcasters have this infection. Our Governments have this infection. Our Social Media Giants have this infection.


Trump is IMMUNE to this infection.

Nigel Farage is IMMUNE to this infection.

Tony Abbott is IMMUNE to this infection.

Matteo Salvini is IMMUNE to this infection.

Viktor Orban is IMMUNE to this infection.

And a PRECIOUS few others.

Yet, over our “ Free World “ , the storm clouds have been gathering and, as most of us can see, they are gathering in strength.

The Lunatics are taking over the Asylum and, by God, they will, if we don’t have a Miracle soon.


Because, mark my words, if these riots continue to accelerate and escalate, they will have taken over the Asylum and WE will be the ones locked up.

How do we get our Voices back?

Certainly not by staying Silent.

We need to sing. 

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