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The world has gone mad and there is a coup in America to overthrow President Trump.  In  fact, it is a world wide coup and, like every coup, it is at its crescendo. 

It has been building up for years. Ever since President Trump was elected as The President of The United States of America. 

This is the Alamo and Trump and YOU - yes - YOU are the targets. And ME, yes ME.  All of us are the targets. 

WE are the targets. Nice, normal decent human beings. That my friends is the problem. Or the solution.

They tried Climate Change ....that didn't work. Russian Hoax... that didn't work.  Impeachment.. that didn't work. They tried a Virus... that didn't work. So now it's all in on Riots... their last chance at destroying us.

This is the beginning of the end or the beginning of the beginning, depending upon which side of the fence you sit.


For myself, I see this as a total George Soros Antifa takeover. This has not got anything to do with George Floyd... it is a global Alamo moment and one that we will see played out over the days and weeks to come.

I recently had the good fortune to watch a video from Damani Felder, " Founder of YouTube's #TheRightBrothers. #MAGA. Gig 'Em. If God is for us, who can be against us? "


I have tried to trancribe his words to share with you today. 

“ To the Rioting Thugs of America:

This was all supposed to be about calling for Justice for George Floyd at the hands of a few bad cops.  But your actions have shown that you don’t really care about George Floyd. You have made this about you.

So now I will address you directly. You have a right to be furious about the Minnesota cops who killed George Floyd.

You have a Right to demand severe punishment for all 4 officers who were on the scene.

And you have the Right to protest against Injustice where ever it may be.

But you do not have a Right to ravage the cities that we all live in – without consequence. You do not have the Right to put all of your own fellow citizens out of work as you raze their places of employment to the ground.


You do not have the Right to assault the Police Officers who are trying to keep you safe because you protest against them

You do not have a Right to beat small business owners to the brink of death for doing nothing more than trying to protect their own establishments.

You do not have the Right to say that your skin colour makes you a target for Police Violence and break other Laws because of your own skin colour  and expect a response to absolve you of any accountability.

You do not have the Right to say Black Lives Matter and then only be outraged when a Black life is taken by a White person.

You do not have the Right to travel in from out of town and be part of a violent throng, destroy everything in your path and then leave thinking you were doing something productive.


You do not have the Right to be offended by stereotypes who say that Black people are inherently violent – yet – that is exactly the way you act when given the first opportunity. And you do not have the Right to dishonour George Floyd’s legacy by using his wrongful death as an excuse to justify your criminal behaviours and then have the gall to turn around and use convoluted reasoning to try to blame White people or Police for this chaos when it was you who made the conscious decision to destroy your own communities in the first place.

But I have a Right to say that I see right through you.

And I know that this stopped being about George Floyd a long time ago.

I have the Right to say that your conduct is absolute trash.

And I have the Right to call you out for being the warped, hateful, animalistic, shameful, thuggish, self serving and rabid exploitative and counter productive hypocrites that you are.

So I will.

I am Damani Felder.

And that was absolutely nothing but Common Sense. “


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