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In 2015 . Lord Christopher Monkton gave a speech. Little did we know how prophetic it would become.

Tony Abbott was rolled by Malcolm Turnbull and the left, the UN and the real " Powers that be "  went after his blood. It is frightening that things are changing in our world and in our country at such an alarming rate of knots. Good People, like President Trump, are being targetted and are in danger of being defeated because they DARE to stand up against this tidal wave of leftist scum that so pervades our planet. This virus that has infected our world is far worse than many believe it to be. It is part of an attempt to quash what little Liberty we have left.. and if we are not very careful, it will win.

I recently re read an old post I put up and I thought to myself : my God!  What has happened in such a short period of time! 

Tony Abbott was ousted as a Member of Parliament. He lost his seat last year - the final nail in the coffin that has become modern Australia.He went on to be a fierce and brave fighter in the bushfires that plagued our Nation and has continued to be a hero when it comes to speaking out against the global pandemic that is being waged upon us by China.


He warned us, back in 2005, that we should be ready for this very situation.  where he said

" On February 4 last year, I read an urgent brief from the Chief Medical Officer. Ministers receive all sorts of urgent departmental documents, usually to do with cabinet, legislative or regulatory deadlines. This one made the stuff of daily politics and routine administration seem utterly trivial. It advised of a possible re-run of the Spanish Flu outbreak of 1919. Since then, a significant part of Australia's health policy establishment has been considering how to deal with a far-from-merely-speculative influenza emergency which could dwarf the health
consequences of a conventional terrorist attack. "

As I said then 

" What happened to the Pandemic Preparedness Strategy? Was it put in a box at the bottom of a filing cabinet and marked " do not open - too scary... " ? " 

We are now facing the very thing that Abbott cautioned us would happen. He has been, as Lord Monkton foresaw, removed from his position as Prime Minister and then wiped from Parliament altogether.

We lost a good man, thanks to the Global elite. A very good man. 

Morrison is doing well, but he is a shadow of the man we could have had leading us. 

As I said in the earlier article, 

" As we move closer to losing control of our Nation, our Cultural and Religious values, our moral code, our way of life, our economic security and our freedom of speech, we should reflect on how precarious our situation is. 

If Bill Shorten gains the keys to the Lodge, our Nation is lost. 

Watch this short clip and remember these words from 2015.



The only way we can stop this is to vote with our hearts, our heads and our very souls. If you live in Warringah please vote for Tony Abbott. 

If you live in Queensland, please vote for Fraser Anning.

Vote for Jim Molan. Vote for George Christiansen. Vote for Cory's Conservatives. Vote for PHON. Vote Hunters Fishers and Shooters. 

Vote for anyone who is still standing up for Australia.

Vote as if you life depends on it.

Because, as Lord Monkton said, 


Well, we lost Tony Abbott. Cory's Conservatives are gone. Cory Bernardi is gone. Jim Molan is there because the People fought damned gard to get him - he lost but he won eventually. Fraser Anning is gone. Pauline Hanson is still fighting the good fight and the Fishers and Shooters are doing well. George is there. 

Bill Shorten is gone but still in the wings. 

We have lost control of our Nation, our Cultural and Religious values, our moral code, our way of life, our economic security and our freedom of speech.

It's been a hell of a year, hasn't it? 




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