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I woke early this morning, around  4.30 am .   I  arose and headed to my TV room.   This is where,  if you remember reading about my Magic Chair that the family gave me for Christmas last year is  my  Massage chair.
I relaxed into the   soothing motion of the massage , looked out of the window , dawn and the sun rising  and everything looked lovely.    The Lord's Prayer popped into my mind.    So I began to say it.      You have to  remember I am old school...  we had a different upbringing to most of the kids today.   We  had morning prayers before classes began.    On Sunday morning we went to Sunday  school.   We recited and knew the different prayers.   My children followed the same routine, the biggest difference was the Queen and standing "for a Lady on a Horse"  before the movie  began.    Sunday school the same , the Lords' Prayer the same.
I got about  three quarters of the way through the   prayer  and got a   bit lost when it  came to temptation and delivering us from evil.   Felt terrible … how could I have forgotten something so ingrained in our younger lives. It has to show you how much we take things for granted and it is only in times of stress that a lot of us return to our places of comfort and peace.   
For instance  the comfort of the Lord's Prayer. 
download 2020 11 14T084553.165 
 What do you think I did , I fired up the computer and looked up the  elusive prayer.   What a surprise , I found new versions of this beautiful prayer.  Words changed ... the complete  passages ..     so called brought up to date .. the lovely words like ..   thine , thou, thy …   WHY?    What was wrong with the old beautiful words.    It doesn't even flow , I cannot imagine that kids today could say it so easily as we could back in our youth.   
I refreshed my memory and    was able to repeat it  word for word, the correct version , the beautiful version . It was still there after so many long years  .   But I certainly would not recommend  the modern, up to date rendition. 
How many of you  readers feel the same as me, why change something that is perfect.   
In times of trouble , in times of sadness , and now of course in times of the  impact this dreadful virus has made on so many lives we need some of the  calming and  soothing thoughts of our youth.  I wonder what our young ones will find to turn to in times of  stress and trouble.     The lord's Prayer?     I wonder.   
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