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This Chinese Virus, Wuflu, Coffin Flu, this Fear Flu has changed our lives for the foreseeable future. Lives have been turned upside down. Businesses destroyed. Our entire worlds have been stripped of touch, tactile and temptation.

We are no longer able to hug our loved ones. No longer able to embrace our friends, wrap our arms around someone in comfort and heartfelt love.

Love is expressly forbidden, should it be displayed physically.

Unless it is about that special love that relates to pedophilia or that other fake love called prostitution, in which case the world is your oyster.  It seems that the expression of decency is verboten and sex is fine but hugs are banned.

Get your head around that.

Brothels are opening up but you can’t hug your Granny.

We must protect the mentally ill when they get the Chinese Virus by sending them to Nursing Homes where Veterans lie defenceless so that they can beat the shit out of the patients… or should I call them victims…. 


Oh, silly me. MONEY.

This BASTARD got to beat up multiple patients and his father is making headlines by saying that his son is a good kid and it wasn’t it his fault because he shouldn’t have been there.

Too damn right he shouldn’t have been there.  And he is not a good kid.

 I have had it with these leftie luvvies sprouting their seeds of caring and concern. I really have.


We have people all over the world embracing love. Love, love and more love. I am so bloody sick and tired of hearing about Love.

These Socialist Greenies have DESTROYED the word Love. Like they did with that once magnificent word Rainbow. That once beautiful word Marriage. That once lovely word Childhood. That once immortal word Freedom. That subtle word Choice – when it actually meant something.

Words have been stolen and misappropriated. Turned in to slogans. Memes.  Words have become victims.

Stolen and distorted by those who care nothing about People, children or words. Just People who care about power and Money.


We have heard so much about changing how we refer to people these days.  Apparently, it is offensive to be a woman, or a man or a child, or a girl or a boy. It is appropriate to refer to us as ze or whatever crazy word they come up with.

Well, I have called time out.  I want to get back to how life used to be. When we accused the perpetrator of a crime and got Justice.

I want this violent monster who is behind a firewall of “ mental illness “ to be sent to a funny farm and locked up at the “ Kings Pleasure “ – oh, I know that cannot happen, but hell, I wish it could.

I want all of those bastards who get off being charged with indecency, rape, murder, terrorism.. locked up and told that if you claim mental illness you will be held in a mental institution at the Kings Pleasure – or the Presidents pleasure or whoever else’s pleasure until you die.

just ice

That is how I feel.

I have had it with this bloody mental illness bullshit plea and quite frankly I have had it with this modern day sympathy that turns perpetrators in to victims and victims into ghosts. Because this is what is happening.

The bastards who are the bullies are now victims and our victims are becoming nothing more than collateral damage of the “ poor people suffering from mental illness “

I have had it.

It is time to take back our communities, reclaim our decency and demand that our Laws change.


We MUST take back that which has been stolen and say, proudly and defiantly

“ We are not going to take this anymore “

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