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It’s all about Trump

Remember when Donald Trump came up with this great campaign slogan “ Make America Great Again “ ? His vision of doing the impossible – to fix the mess that 8 years of Obama Governance created and bring the American economy back from the dead.

In his last two years in office, Obama claimed that  “ 2% growth was the best we could hope for ‘. In his last year as President, Obama claimed that Trump's proposed tax cuts and deregulation “ would only make things worse.”

Well, they didn’t. In fact, America was soaring like an Eagle … until the Wuflu swooped in like a wind turbine and chopped that Eagle down.

Having watched every single Rally since Trump began his campaign for President, I can attest to the enthusiasm, pride and Patriotism that permeated the atmosphere. The sense of Pride, Hope and Optimism that had been so lacking for so long.



Watch it. Listen to it. And watch it again. And again. 

This is probably the most important things you will ever watch. 

President Trump asked, in one of his last Rallies, should he keep MAGA ( Make America Great Again) or replace it with KAG ( Keep America Great ). People were so buoyed by their Pride, Hope and Optimism that they loudly cheered for KAG. The job had been done. The victory won.

America was back at the helm, steering a firm and confident path towards an exciting future full of opportunity, wealth and abundance for all of its Citizens.

And along came the Chinese Virus.

In a millisecond that has now lasted for months, the entire world changed.


Global economies have collapsed. Millions thrown out of work. 

All Pride, Hope and Optimism were destroyed by an invisible enemy that has seen us locked up in our homes and our lives, lifestyles and way of life utterly demolished.

The Left has carried off an amazing job; whether by intent or the old adage of “ never let a good crisis go to waste. “

What we do know is that everything that Trump achieved was undone by a bug.

Our schools are closed. Our economies are buggered. Our social interactions have been crippled. We cannot hug, touch or show our faces.  Our facial expressions are being hidden by masks. Our lives are being threatened by “ Apps “. Our movements are monitored by drones. Our lives are restricted.

Our entire way of life has been decimated.

By a bug.

We are being arrested if we do not do as we are told. We are not allowed to do things that have been our accepted NORMAL way of interacting as human beings for hundreds of thousands of years.


By a bug.

Meanwhile, old mate China, the Chinese Communist Party, led by President for life Xi, threatens us as Nations for daring to ask politely that we get a bit more information on how “ THE BUG “ came to our shores.

For, if we do, we are told that they will be angry. Very angry. Because, you see, we have ALLOWED them to make us beholden.

Meanwhile, while we play the victim card and ALLOW ourselves to be victims, our Governments are playing silly buggers with us. Ruling with Fear, Pessimism and Despair.

“ If you want to be let out, download the App.” Or “ We are all in this together “ – quite frankly, I am weary of the whole charade.

The Chinese or CCP, call it what you will, have set up a perfect storm, whether by intent or accident is not for me to say.

I do know that the USS Theodore Roosevelt, Aircraft Carrier patrolling our vulnerable Southern Oceans, is laid up in Guam with the Wuflu. I know that the CCP is enthusiastically pursuing its calm over the Southern Hemisphere. I do know that the Port of Darwin in Northern Australia, is leased to China for 99 years. I do know that a great deal of Australian infrastucture is owned by China. I do know that our Tertiary Education is financed by China. I do know that our water and agriculture is controlled by China.


What I do not know is to what extent our Governments, Federally and State wide, Globally, are owned by China.

Through paper bags of money or through debt.


What I DO know is that President Trump must return to MAGA and that message will resonate throughout the world.

Because Keeping America Great is a lost dream thanks to THE BUG. It is time to Make America Great again.


In my opinion, this is China against America. Make the best Man Win.




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