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Bob Hawke in October 1983 introduced one of the first Medicare cards. Then, in 1987, he campaigned for a national ID Card “ The Australia Card. “ The backlash against it was enormous.

The average Australian was outraged. There was no way on this Earth that Aussies would accept a card that contained all of their personal information – from Medical details to driver’s license. It was not going to happen.

We may have accepted a Medicare Card but something that fundamentally breached our privacy and allowed Data to be collected by the Government on its own Citizens?

Forget it.

Yet, here we are today, in 2020, flocking en masse to sign up for something that is potentially going to make the Australia Card look like something that you pick up in a cornflakes packet.

The App to track and “ help “ the Government to save the Nation.  What Hawke failed to do in 1987 has been promoted and accepted WILLINGLY in 2020 because of FEAR.

The reasons that the Australia Card was rejected so emphatically in 1987 were:

  • A fear that the card will be used against the individual
  • A fear that the card will increase the power of authorities
  • A feeling that the card is in inherently a hostile symbol
  • A concern that a national ID card is the mechanism foretold in Revelations (the Mark of the Beast)
  • A fear that people will be reduced to numbers – a dehumanising effect
  • A rejection of the card on the principle of individual rights
  • A sense that the government is passing the buck for bad management to the citizen.

Mr Hawke, the great dealmaker, brought the nation’s powerful unions and big employers around the table earlier in his tenure as Prime Minister to nut out an end to the industrial warfare that had kept Australia’s economy mired in an outdated era.

Mr Hawke is also known for opening Australia to International Trade whereby we gained access to cheap consumer goods.

Bringing the world's crap to Australia. Oh sure, we got Toyota and Mercedes but we lost our beloved Holden.  We got cheap Chinese clothing but lost what Rivers used to be. We must thank the Silver Budgie for cutting our trade tariffs and making Chinese imports irresistibly  cheap. So much so that our own industry collapsed.

His master stroke of course was his support of the Unions. Our wages increased, guaranteeing that we earned more but manufactured less.

Mr Hawke also made us more dependent upon our Government than ever before. He was very keen on Government support for income, education, childcare and where we lived.

As our wages rose, our welfare rose and as our welfare rose, so our need for cheaper stuff rose. Yes, the Silver Budgie made us into addicts. Addicted to spending money on buying things from overseas that hitherto we did not realise we needed to have.

He was also a great Pioneer of the Environmentalist movement. Who could forget the Franklin River debacle in Tasmania?  He banned Uranium Mining in Jabiluka and passed the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

He then tackled Anti Discrimination. What a guy!  Employers lost their right to pick their preferred person for the job and had to worry about gender, sexuality, race, disability religion or ethnicity.  To hell with what they, as the employer wanted.

The Sex Discrimination Act of 1984, the Affirmative Action Act of 1986, equal opportunity legislation passed in 1987 for the Commonwealth public service and the Disability Services Act of 1986 put the nail in the coffin. Hawke had done a fine job for his Comrades.

But, by 1987, his final act of destroying Australian values, the Economy and the Australian future was thwarted: the defeat of The Australia Card.

Here we sit, 2020, flooded by crappy Chinese imports, our manufacturing industry in tatters, our electricity prices close to the highest in the world, our agricultural industry in meltdown because our water was sold by Turdbull… our mining industry crippled by green tape – and what comes along?

A virus, released in China that cripples our economies and burdens us with debt to China –  our Unions are jackbooting around preventing schools from opening; our Police are arresting people for sitting in a park and what does our Government do?

Re launch the idea of an Australia Card.

And you wonder why I wouldn’t touch this App with a 10 foot barge pole.


Because NOTHING has changed since 1987 except the Media who now controls our lives and opinions is on board with ANYTHING that will get what the Leftist Comrades have been wanting for nearly 40 years:  Control of our privacy, lives and independence.

Why a Conservative Government is promoting this is beyond me. Because once it comes, it will never go away. And it will GET WORSE.

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