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While we are tucked up at home bitching and moaning about being locked inside, yes, we applaud our incredible medical staff. Not knocking or diminishing their huge input right now. But the silent heroes are the cleaners, the tradies, the truckies, the garbos and the guys and gals out there keeping the country ticking over.

This morning I went out to pick up Redhead and go shopping. A few days ago, I told you about a retail store that sorted out a delivery of a new TV and recorder for a very cheesed off young lady of 87 who had lost her lifeline: the television.

It all went well. The TV and recorder were delivered and a nice chap turned up to unpack the goodies, set everything up and get her back to normal: she could start moaning about the number of repeats on TV and that there was nothing to watch.

 Life was back to normal.

The upside was that he hooked the TV up to the internet and she is now learning how to navigate online viewing and she has something new to worry about: how many gigabytes of data she is noshing up if she binge watches.

I am of course exaggerating but that is what I do where Redhead is concerned. She beats me up, metaphorically speaking, for making her sound like a bored old biddy with nothing better to do that grizzle about the ABC and how it is crap – but, to be fair, we are BOTH bored old biddies with nothing better to do right now.

Except at the moment, we are both very grateful for the young man who turned up to restore her lifeline to the outside world. AND the people who made it happen. The guy at Harvey Norman, Sunland TV, the lovely lady who answered the phone, co ordinated it and made sure that things went well. The Store Manager, who gets abused by people. for no other reason than people are pissed off.

I saw a Garbo today – a bin had fallen over – and he was out of his truck, picking up the rubbish and piling it back in to the bin.

He had gloves on – but, hell, he didn’t know what was in that rubbish. But he did it.

I saw a lady who is a cleaner – going in to the homes of the wealthy – and worrying about how she can pay her rent – but she turns up, scrubs their toilets and kitchens and no doubt does a detox shower when she gets home at night. After all, so many of them bore her with tales of cancelled cruises and lost deposits for holidays that may never happen.

I follow Mike Williams @theoztrucker on twitter and he is angry that he cannot get a shower or a feed when he is out keeping our Nation functioning.

Yet people bitch and moan, grizzle and complain about having to stay at home?

Spare a thought for those who CANNOT stay at home. Who go to work in our supermarkets and our stores and keep us afloat.

My local supermarket staff are there every day, and people have to now pack their own groceries because staff can no longer handle our dirty bags? Thanks greenies. Single use plastic bags seem like a pretty flash idea to me right now.

The staff in our supermarkets deserve a bloody medal for what they are doing as do the rest of the people out there winding the clock and keeping us ticking over.

For those of us who are not yet ill and not hospitalised, we really are forgetting the ENORMOUS debt of gratitude we owe to those who, by and large, did not get a degree in Gender Studies or Environmental Studies.

Anyone who is sexually confused, worried about the plight of the black throated finch or the endangered dodo newt from the back of beyond is no doubt more concerned about their food delivery than they are about the cut of their jib. ( sexually speaking)

I have noticed that there are not so many people gluing themselves to roads; invading farms or demonstrating on behalf of climate change.  Poor Greta appears to have fallen off the radar.

Funny how they shut down our cities and towns and farms a few months ago and are now bitching about our cities and towns and farms being shut down.

If I was in charge, they would be out with a wheelbarrow and a shovel and told to dig some dams.

See them scuttle off the beaches and make for their basement pronto.

Or stand at a checkout and face the barrage of abuse that they dish out.

No, they wouldn’t do that.

Because they have no True Grit.

God Bless you, Tradies Truckies, Checkout Chicks and Garbos: Thank you

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