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I think most people from around Australia could quite rightfully be forgiven for wondering what the hell we are supposed to do when sometimes it seems that the only people who know are the Government, the Bureaucrats and John Cleese pretending to be a teacher.

And I am starting wonder if they do.

I kid you not, it is sometimes a head scratching moment. Last night, fo example, we were told to send the kids to school, only if parents chose to, but they didn't have to if they didn't want to as long as the kids stayed safe and under control. But if you are a parent or guardian of a child whose parent or parents are working for essential services then send them to school, if you want but not necessarily.

I'm glad that cleared that up.

Children do not seem to get the disease but they could be carriers so don't let them near the Grandparents, Nana's and Pops and anyone who is crook. But don't be concerned for the teachers because they are safe.... although it should be noted that some children do get the virus but nothing to worry about unless of course it is your child in which case, yes, that would be most worrying and our thoughts and prayers will be with you. 

Of all of the decisions made in relation to social distancing, this is the one that seems to polarise and confuse people the most.

If this is such a dangerous contagion, why send our teachers and children to places with massive numbers of people in confined spaces, only to return home and stay isolated until they get on the school bus, tram or train the next day? That is what I believe most people find confusing and as clear as mud.

Many parents are pointing out that their is no soap in bathrooms at school but I guess that doesn't matter because kids are notorious for not washing their hands and it is all OK, because, apparently, unlike nits, the WuFlu is no biggie for kiddies and it won't do any harm fo them to spend 6 hours a day sweating, spitting, brawling and generally being kids at school, as long as they don't go to the cinema during the hols and stay out of the pool.

MOST importantly, DO not eat together, drink together or play together as adults - that is what is called BAD. But if you are kids, that is GOOD as long as it happens during school hours at school. At home, that is BAD.

Queuing for the dole is also OK. 

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Many of us wonder how cruise ships were docking and unloading passengers a week ago, Chinese students were being offered cash incentives to come to Australia to recommence their " studies " and people are still flying "home " from overseas and being told to pop off home and watch TV for two weeks. 

That confuses us.

I would understand if our kids were actually learning something at school apart from Climate Change, Communist studies and arson, but as someone I know said maybe this is an opportunity for kids to learn how to spell, write and add. 

The only reason I can see for keeping the schools open is to babysit so the parents can work. It sure as hell isn't for them to actually learn anything. If they have to get homeschooled, we may actually beat Kyrgyzstan next year in global education ratings. If this is the case, just bloody say it. Save a hell of a lot of confusion. 



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