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The biggest crime potentially ever committed against an entire generation comes under the guise of disposable baby nappies – diapers to my American friends.

Are the chemicals in disposable nappies stuffing up the healthy development of our babies? Has any modern parent ( or grandparent) asked this important question:


My concern started when I watched this video ( below where a body builder talked about it.)

There is a blue indicator in the nappies that is full of estrogen. Female hormones in a nappy that is in contact with babies intimate genitalia?


And it struck me: has anyone ever stopped and wondered what is in the nappies that cover the most important parts of our baby girls and boys ?

The chemicals in nappies can interfere with the healthy development of a precious human child’s endocrine system. The endocrine system is essentially the policeman of the hormones in our bodies.

Muck around with the endocrine system and you muck around with the adrenal glands, ovaries, testes, pituitary gland and pineal gland – which produces Melatonin which influences sexual development and sleep-wake cycles. It also produces serotonin, that thing that makes us happy and feel good.

According to one article, disposable nappies are full of chemicals that could be injurious to baby’s well being. Hell, I wouldn’t want this stuff any where near any of my grandkids or great grandkids.

In fact another suggests that disposable nappies contain carcinogens…. Yet another focuses on the dangers to baby in the development of the endocrine and reproductive systems.

Many women around the world remember the fear generated due to Toxic Shock Syndrome from using tampons. It seems that many of the chemicals in tampons are found in baby diapers.

What is wrong with us?

Back when I was a young Mum, in the 70’s, part of a baby shower was the wondrous and gratefully received gift of nappies. They were, in the beginning, made of cotton cloth and later, some soft and cuddly towelling. The sooner that you potty trained your infant, the better. You could wave goodbye to the endless tedium of nappy buckets, washing, boiling and sun drying nappies every single laborious day.

Nappy rash was a sign of maternal neglect and a nappy worn too long. A swift change of a soiled nappy, a tender little bottom swathed in lanolin cream or Vaseline could help protect that fragile and tender new skin.

It was a badge of pride to have a child free of nappy rash and potty trained at 18 months of age. It showed that you were a good and responsible mother.

In about 1975, a thing called the disposable nappy entered the marketplace. As much as I would like to have embraced this invention, it was a luxury item and therefore, not something that I could justify out of our meagre fortnightly income.

By the 80’s disposable nappies were as much part of life as day care. And two generations of children have been brought up with disposable nappies.


Potty training was no longer urgent. Mothers returned to work in droves and a thing called “ Child Care “ was invented.

Like Obamacare, it cared less.

How many children today are having their healthy development hindered and compromised because it is easier and less work than to use a cloth nappy or diaper? How many children ( and women in the case of female hygiene products) had their reproductive and endocrine systems screwed up by laziness and consumerism? How many of these soiled chemical objects of “ convenience” end up in land fill?

Perhaps it is possible to explain the increase in gender dysphoria, homosexuality and cancers of the reproductive organs that seem to have escalated in recent decades?

I am obviously no Doctor. But I believe it is healthy to ask questions like this.

Has maternal love and caring become a disposable commodity, like so much in modern society?

Is this why we now have a generation of soyboys, nancy boys, weak, effeminate males and angry, lesbians who seem to be “ out of whack “ with normality?

Is this why we have children wanting to chop their breasts off, chop their penises off and stay in a state of sexual limbo? Why people are increasingly miserable, unhappy and confused?

Is this another example of consumerism over riding our obligation, as a society to look after our children and therefore OUR Future?

It worries me and it should worry all of us.

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