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Straight out of a Monty Python Sketch. The constant moaning and groaning by the leftie luvvies, the DemocRATs. The butt hurt Peter Buttigieg, the constantly traumatised pussy hat wearing Hollyweird hollerers and the Climate Change chanters and their faithful handmaidens known as feminazis march on and genuinely believe that they will unseat who is one of the best Presidents America has ever had…

Not bloody likely. Not a Monty Python fan? Maybe this article is not for you. But read on – you never know, you may just want to learn more.

The DemocRAT witch trial aka “ Impeachment Hearing “ is reaching its conclusion as the defenders of Commonsense take the floor. What is staggering is the realisation that not all witches are made of wood and not all parrots are Norwegian Blues. In fact, the only conclusion one can come to is that the democRAT impeachment process is a load of dying parrots called Shifty Schiff, Nancy Vodka, Joe Hairy legs Biden,. Hunter, “ Where’s Hunter? “ Biden, Hillary “ I can’t run for President but I can stumble in the general direction “ Clinton;  Barack “ I was born in Kenya and also born in Hawaii and I am a Moslem no, not really, just joking about sniffing cocaine “ Obama, and the other democRAT witches have wooden noses and are dead in the water – floating or not.

Yes, my friends, they are fast becoming the Monty Python Black Knight and their arms and legs have been chopped off and their passage to the Holy Grail of the Whitehouse is looking increasingly like they should race off, buy a shrubbery and appease the Knights who say ni… also known as Climate Change Eco Terrorists.

For that is how America has become. If not the entire Western World.

We have become a compilation of Monty Python sketches. For those of you who have never watched the work of the Python team, I can say only this: I feel sorry for you. I would urge you to take a step down memory lane when humour was hard hitting and socially relevant.

Also, it was actually… well, funny.

As I have observed this farce called the Impeachment Hearing, I find myself increasingly having to race to my much cherished box set of Python DVD’s, rummage through, and find the “ .. one about … “


Each sketch is so on point where our world is right now. This reminds me of the impeachment hearing and tyhe democrats in general. 


The Military Fairies make me think of … well, it is self explanatory really.


This impeachment hearing has been so farcical, so nonsensical and so ridiculous, that I have often found myself wishing that Graham Chapman would step in and say “ We are interrupting this sketch because it is too silly”


John Cleese with his Ministry of Silly Walks is very much the training manual for Hillary Clinton in her Presidential Campaign; Shifty Schiff must have watched the sketch about ordering an argument too many times; Mike Moore clearly admired Mr Creosote too much; Pete the Mayor thinks he’s a lumberjack ( and that’s OK ) and MSM are still arguing about what the Settlers ( aka Romans) did for us.


When Eric Idle sang from the cross about looking on the bright side of life, the democRATs obviously didn’t listen and they never saw the scene from “ The Meaning of Life “ about how to use a condom.

The Impeachment Witch Trial has been a poor remake of the Python brilliance. It has been poorly produced, directed and written. It has flopped in the ratings, is not witty or funny and the viewers are yelling out “ This is too silly! “

When Pam Bondi, former Florida State Attorney General delivered her defence of President Trump , the democRAT impeachment witch trial had its arms cut off.

When Alan Dershowitz reminded us of those who would be impeached under the rules the DemocRATs have used in this farce:

George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, Ronald Reagan etc….

He chopped the legs off the Black Knight.

So all they have left is the Knights who go ne, a shrubbery and a very silly sketch.

Oh, and a few dead parrots…



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