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The people in Kentucky voted Republican on every other candidate and then vote for a democRAT Governor? Dead skunk in the middle of the road and it's stinking to high heaven...


What the hell happened in Kentucky in the Gubernatorial election?

I am sitting here, glued to the computer, watching the results come in on an election in a State in America, thousands of miles away from where I live in Australia.

Many of you may wonder why I am so interested in this election so far away from me and the life I live.

Because what happens in America WILL happen in Australia. What happens in America is a sneak preview in to what we have in store for us. What happens in Kentucky is a litmus test for what will happen EVERYWHERE unless we get our elections back under control and under scrutiny. 

And, of course, I love President Trump. Ever since 2016, I have devoured his Rallies, his speeches, his common sense, his gutsy rugged man attitude. His steadfast focus on Justice, National Sovereignty and Patriotism. His love of God, his determination and his strength. 

I read a tweet from a triumphant democRAT:

@AmberHoffmann12 We voted. We voted for teachers. We voted for education. We voted for healthcare. We voted for women’s rights. We voted for the LGBTQ community. We voted for Andy Beshear.

Yes, well, I know that Amber. Of course you would vote for Mr Leftie Luvvie I drink soy latte and support smashed avocadoes for illegal aliens mumbo jumbo let's have a hug and Greta is the second coming of Joan of Arc and PS I don't wear socks if my feet feel oppressed or confined Andy bloody Beshar...

No, something doesn't add up here. 

As tweeter @TheReal_Hurl said,

Come on, Kentucky. We defended you last month when Turkey bombed you and you repay us with a Democrat Governor?

OK, that was tongue in cheek.... 

Could it possibly have anything to do with electronic voting machines " malfunctioning" ? Could it be that life after death does exist because the proof is in - you can still vote from 6 foot under and vote multiple times if you have split personalities?

 How do so many people vote for Attorney General  and SOS in Kentucky but not vote for governor?? I don't get it. Seems a bit peculiar to me. A vote for ANY DemocRAT is a vote against America and all it stands for.... so why do so many people in Kentucky seemingly hate Bevin so much that they would withhold their vote for him and support every other Republican?

Either Bevin was the devil incarnate and a ratbag bastard – so much so that even Republicans wouldn’t vote for him – or there is a dead skunk in the middle of the road.

No matter what, it IS stinking to high heaven.

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