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Redhead laments the loss of her Grandson's masculinity. It seems that grandkids today are not turning out quite as we expected. 

The question of course is why boys are turning in to girls?

I have just had a visit from my Granddaughter and her family.  Three children , The son,  nearly 16 , daughter 13 and third  child nearly 11.  
 Last year's Christmas visit,  the son looked handsome, well groomed , cheerful and happy . He had professionally  cut hair.   The look all Grammar School Boys had when I was young..   But this time,  a scruffy headed,  rather sour looking  long haired teenager visited me.    When I , as his Great Grandmother, asked him why?    He said all the others had their hair long.   He was with a friend who had the  traditional styled short back and sides  .   His family would not allow the  long untidy look!!!
What has made young boys,  who are not thinking they are Girls  , far from it,  want to  appear girlish with the  longer hair.   When,  what is more attractive than a well groomed young fellow who actually looks like a " handsome male" , is it some underlying sense of inferiority, or laziness  or rebellion, are they scared to look clean and well groomed? 
The daughters looked and dressed like well adjusted  girls , one with a long bouncy pony tail of hair and the other a very smart new styled cut.   
Have we let our boys down with not insisting they look like Boys?????  Schools don't seem to  make it compulsory to have the boys look clean and tidy. That is  Mistake number 1 and Mistake number 2?  the parents  don't insist.    
Guidelines for behavior and guidelines for appearance.  
Oh for the day when our youthful boys look  once again , like handsome young Men.    
You may well lament the days when men were men, women were women and boys and girls were boys and girls.
So, what has happened?
hippieIt all started with the hippies, of course. Blokes running around with long hair, flowers on their trousers and flowers in their hair... or was it the Beatles? ( who now look like clean cut lads.)
Was it the rise of tolerance to Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Gender fluidity?
Was it drugs?
Was it the emergence of Political Correctness that stifled opinion, the right to offend and be offended?
Or all of the above?
I suspect that a certain amount of the blame must be laid at the feet of militant feminists who corrupted equality and transformed a sound and righteous message into one that demonises masculinity and has turned the alpha male in to a sexual predator, rather than a protector.
The blokey bloke, the man who swings a hammer and forges metal has become a shadow of his former self. A creature, despised and spat upon by women who want him to buy her flowers, jewellery, acquiesce to her every whim and generally become subservient to her mighty " I am Woman, hear me roar " triumphant war cry.
In order to please the stereotypical female today, a man must cry whilst watching chick flicks, become a gourmet cook in the kitchen if he wants to be fed, indulge his female partner in her every whim and, furthermore, work 20 hours a day to earn the money to pay for everything yet apologise profusely for not spending enough time with her.
Young teenage boys are scared to flirt, for fear of being accused of harassment or attempted rape. The girl holds all of the cards and can say " Yes " when she meant " No " and if a boy does not try to kiss her he may be accused of being gay because he did not show any interest. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.
It is almost as though young men today grow their hair and shed their masculinity in an attempt to neutralise and sanitise their sexuality. To look like a male is to be treated as a male..... far better to look like an ugly female and be accepted, than to stand up and out as a male and proud of being so.
I fear for our young men of today. I really do. To be a white, heterosexual male is a curse that carries baggage aplenty.
In fact, it is a brave and forthright young man who wears his hair short, stands tall and proud of his masculinity and defiantly announces
" I am man, hear ME roar."
indianaI would love to see more young men come out of the closet and declare their maleness, their pride in being male and their joy in celebrating the difference between male and female. Yin and Yang. Only when this happens will we get balance restored in this very, very unbalanced world.
Does it simply come down to confidence?
Confidence to be a man and to hell with the apologies?

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