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Oh to turn the clock back to happier times .   Today you could get arrested for sharing a drink or using a plastic straw. `

Fortunately, all that social distancing nonsense is over. No masks.    

Life these days is ridiculous though, isn't it? . 

I grew up in a time when love and romance were in the air and flirtation was fun.    Children played and laughed and explored life.    Life was lived in a world of hard work and enjoyment of the simple things. We hugged and embraced, blew out birthday candles, danced cheek to cheek and whispered sweet nothings in each other's ears. 

What a confusing and sad world we have allowed to be created and I worry that it is too late to turn the clock back. 


What are    we continually reading about today.   Women coming forward and accusing different men of rape and sexual misbehaviour , taking advantage , groping in the office, attacks at parties, you name it  ..   behaviour that is  totally unacceptable.  While I feel for those genuine  cases sometimes they are being ignored because  a lot of women  are telling lies.


Men being brought up on charges of gross misbehaviour .   Once upon a time I didn't know what a pedophile  was,  it was a word I had never heard of.     Today the newspapers are full of such dreadful behaviour towards young children   it now seems to be common practice.   Clubs where it is normal behaviour . People with well known names  actually  participating in this cruel and disgusting activity.
Maybe I am way behind the times but wasn't it nice when you went to a dance , a party, a social gathering, a wedding , a reunion and you flirted , you laughed,  you had fun.   The boys and young men were clean shaven , tidy hair cut , clean clothes,  looked handsome.   The girls were pretty , wore a gorgeous  dress  , hair all curls  and  were fun  to talk to.   

Australian dance video

Today the boys are  scared to be alone with a girl in case they get accused of something    … they tell me they go out in groups to overcome that problem.   Of course I think too the Authorities  have allowed too much sex to be seen on TV  so it almost becomes .. "Oh so that's what you do"....   it is almost as if it is acceptable behaviour.  
Why spoil their youth with things that they are not interested in ,  when all they want to do is climb jungle gyms, skipping,  jump off tree branches  , playing with toys and being children. .  
Play with the   dog  …  nurse the cat to the baby next door .  Learn to read and write  , enjoy their school lessons.   We have to get back to the basics of good behaviour .   I don't for one minute say that   rape and sexual aggression did not happen in my youth but let's face it , it was rare and certainly not something you read about everyday in the  paper.

 Dutch compilation of children in 1950's 

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Instead of seeing young girls with banners and screaming  at the police and reporters , instead of seeing and reading about drug abuse , and  young ones ending their lives  because they feel so unhappy  and  what is there for  them to look forward to .    It would be  so refreshing to see  well adjusted young people enjoying one another's company  and not forever reading about  who is accusing who of   some outlandish sexual crime.
Think of the things we used to do,  we all played a sport, we learnt to sail , we went fishing  with Dad, baked a cake with Mum ,  listened to stories with Grandad ,  Grandma  kept us on our toes  with good manners and suggested ways to help with family chores.  
Uncles and Aunts kept an eye out for anyone misbehaving in a way that was getting a  bit familiar.   And here we are today actually condoning the teaching of our little ones  things that are better left unsaid or un done.  
 " Romance "  would be something that would be lovely to see again.  
And maybe it will take real women and real men to bring it back.
After all, it is the real men and real women who know that something worth fighting for is worth fighting for. 
By the way, I am 90 years old and when my feet hit the floor the devil still says " Oh no! She's up! "
I bet he's glad I am not 20. 
This post is dedicated to Artful Dodger who knew that love was about a good woman and a good man by her side.
We still miss you Dodger.
Artful Dodger, a poster from a year ago, left us this time last year.

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