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I was recently trolled by a serial coward online  who calls itself Tigerbalm and here is what it said:

“ The drivel printed by Patriot Realm is not worth seeking out. Directing people to her blog to increase traffic seems just a little bit too obvious. As far as my insensitivity and ignorance goes, well I won’t accept the ignorant label and the insensitivity is usually directed at people who throw stones directly at me, being labelled a paedophile and practising beastiality can rub one up the wrong way. You’ve witnessed the scum and the revolting language here, so get over yourself. “

Well, sweetheart, you are a member of the crew that applaud bullshit and, quite frankly, if the cap fits, wear it. And you can wear your cap of crap with pride.





I responded:

 “ No, dear. I , unlike you, am passionate about fair play, decency and kindness. I write from my heart. Unlike you, who sits at a computer and spews forth vitriolic abuse on any subject that that you choose to turn in to a controversy.

I write a blog : I share my opinion on matters important to me. If you do not wish to read them, you don't have to read or comment.

There are many links to many articles from around the world.

Again, if you don't like them, don't read them.

You are like so many leftists. You will call black white and white black if it satisfies your desire to troll, ridicule, abuse and shut down any one who has a view that differs from your own.

For myself, I am proud that I have invested in developing a blog that allows me to share my opinions and beliefs.

It takes a lot of effort and money to maintain: I do this because I care.

Unlike you, who do nothing but bitch and moan about people who do not share your hatred of decency and your hatred of common sense.

You are a troublemaker and you exist here for no other reason than to stir the pot and denigrate those who yearn for a time when old fashioned values were the cornerstone of our Nation.

Tigerbalm, you are a troll.

You know it, I know it, we know it. “

Our mate the Troll then wrote :

“ The of the blog gives a huge insight into your mindset. Backward looking conservative anti progress and fearful. “

Well, mr/Ms/Ze Tigerbalm, you betcha!

I am damned proud of Patriot Realm. A place for Patriots. A realm of decency, backward looking conservative anti progress and fearful posts.

You see, I am backward looking. To a time when common sense was in charge. Not bullshit climate emergency, baby murdering, man hating, heterosexual hating, equality hating, democracy hating, freedom hating, HATING lies that now dominate our ways of life, our society and our airwaves.

If you, Tigerbalm and your ilk of intolerant, name calling bullies had your way, we would be sinking in to the sewer of your depravity, ignorance and foolishness. And foolishness is too kind a word for your stupidity and paid for trolling posts that seek to denigrate and bring down Free Speech, Conservative values and historic accepted norms. In fact, your posts are in themselves posts that rely on silent submission to succeed.


Tigerbalm and all of your mates who post under such nicknames and handles that offer no salve to common sense and public opinion, I have a message for you:

Go hard, but you will NOT win. You will NEVER overthrow the silent Australian. The silent folk who just want to get on with life in a country that they call home and want to stay as their home.

By all means, bring in migrants, as I was brought in back in 1978.

But do not denigrate me for loving my country, my way of life, my beliefs, my right to express my opinion or my right to call out those that do not agree with me.

I applaud your right to call me out and despise me for being a Patriot to Australia. I applaud your right to condemn me for loving decency, traditional values and being a supporter of commonsense.

How about you afford me the same right?

But that, mr/Ms/Ms/Ze Tigerbalm is where you come unglued, unstuck and up shit creek without a paddle.

People like you do not reciprocate. It is your way or the highway.. to hell.

Yet, Tigerbalm, it is you who are facing the highway to hell. Not me. Because I, at least, let you speak.


PS: If I offend you, that is your problem, not mine. 

Have a good day. 

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