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When I made the decision to keep the Christmas season free of politics, little did I know how difficult that would be. 

I never acknowledged or accepted that politics is part of our lives these days and to not talk about it is like suggesting that the weather won't happen until the New Year. It ain't gonna happen.

 Everything these days is political. Life is political. Death is political. Health is political. Education is political. Christmas is political. Faith is political.

It is all political. 

Tell me one part of our lives on a day to day basis that does not have an impact from political intervention?

Everything we do, write, share and live is political. The air that we breathe has become political. The land that we farm and the sea whose water bathes us and feeds us with fish and prawns... all political.


That, my friends, is reality. Every dollar we spend, every dollar we receive, every call we make, every step we tread in a small city or town is tracked and recorded.

Our health records are online for the government to share and use as they see fit.  


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From our birth to our death, political intervention is part and parcel of everything we do, cannot do and will or never will be allowed to do. 

Even when it comes to our right to live or our right to die.

What has become more troublesome in recent times is that while abortion may able to terminate life. even up to its very first breath;  the right to terminate if at its sad and inevitable end; where the last breath is drawn, politics can now dictate how we live our lives between the important moments of birth and death.

From birth until death, our lives are owned by the company store. 



If we are fortunate enough to survive conception, grown in the safety of our mother's love for 9 months, and then allowed to emerge into the light ... we can still be " terminated " by a LAW. 

Somehow. that hardly seems fair. It certainly does not seem to help  the " My Body My Choice " message if I am the baby.

However, if, and only if, we are fortunate enough to survive the mass eradication of life now politically dubbed " my choice " we manage to reach childhood, our body, our choice becomes a trite slogan for political gain: get the jab and save the planet.

Children are indoctrinated with critical race theory, transgender propaganda and politically motivated " teachings" - encouraged to defy logic, family values and commonsense.

Throughout their educational voyage, they will encounter wave after wave of words and views and " lessons " that tell them that the planet is dying, the planet is doomed and all we have to do is get rid of coal, gas and meat and we will be good to go.

Apparently solar panels, batteries for electric cars, manufactured in China, using Cobalt mined in Africa by little kiddies is OK if it is saving the planet. 

I have to wonder how the leftie luvvies can justify this?  It makes me very angry and I think of coal, mined in Australia, by highly paid and well looked after workers is demonised and this... THIS... is OK?

Any industry that promotes the slavery of children to create batteries to save the planet by enslaving the planet seems wrong.

I will support a coal miner any day of the week. 

It didn't start out that way.

Coal miners had it hard.



Fortunately, our coal miners are better paid than in the days of yore.

I will take a well paid coal miner any day of the week over a slave child in the Congo to keep China and the greenies happy.

So are we able to live our lives free of politics?

No. Because life has become political. 

Are we past the point of no return?

We must become political. If we do not, we are buggered.

There is no point in looking to our politicians to intercede: it is up to us.

Do we get on the box car and head to the quarantine camp and accept the rules?

Do we accept the politics? 

“An immovable parliament is more obnoxious than an immovable king!” Truer words have never been spoken. I urge you to watch this.

It is up to us. 

And we need to act. NOW. 

Because OUR years have become their years and that does not sit right with me. 











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