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When we line up to vote we do so because we naively believe that our vote means something. We listen to the policies and promises of each political party and decide which is the best fit for us.

When Scott Morrison famously walked into Parliament in 2019 with his piece of coal and declared: " This is coal. Do not be afraid of it." and delivered his short speech on its merits, I believed him.

To see him now dupe the Australian people with his net-zero emissions nonsense feels like a dreadful betrayal. That he is jetting off to Glasgow to join the other hypocritical so-called world leaders, is a backstabbing breach of public trust. 

There is no point in making speeches and making promises that you do not intend to keep, just so that you can win support and then throw it away within such a short period of time. In fact, it is worse than pointless: it means that your credibility is shot and the trust you had is consigned to the rubbish bin of deceit that will virtually guarantee that no one will ever believe a word you utter ever again. For me, that is what Morrison and his cronies have done.

Just as Bill Clinton said " I did not sleep with that woman " all those years ago, or Julia Gillard pronounced that " there would be no carbon tax under a government I lead " our politicians have lied cheated and conned their way into their positions of power and promptly done the exact opposite once they had what they wanted.

But to be fair, if you look at the fine print, there was a " mind you... " moment.

There is always a " yeah, but... " 

Maybe Bill Clinton told the truth when he said that he didn't sleep with Monica... too busy to sleep?

The devil is in the detail, isn't it? 

Barnaby Joyce has betrayed his electorate and the faith and trust that people put in him to look after the bush. Time and time again, we have been betrayed, let down. lied to and deceived by self serving politicians who wouldn't know a Statesman if he fell over one. In fact, what is worse is that they would probably get rid of him for not toeing the party line. 

Craig Kelly may not look like a Statesman. He may not have the demeanour that one would associate with those people like Menzies but by God, he has the passion and the spine and the willpower to try and keep the bastards honest and do what is best for Australia.

Look at the empty seats. Listen to this rebuke.It beggars belief.

 Same with Pauline Hanson. She has her faults but she has the fire in her belly.

He, ( Craig Kelly ) quite frankly, is my hero. I applaud his courage. I applaud his words. I applaud his Statesmanship. 

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I applaud his Australianism. I condemn those who condemn his right to free speech.

Which brings me to the point of this article. 

 The cashless debit card.

Most of us have heard of this.

 The cashless debit card is already operating across Australia. People are currently being forced onto the cashless debit card in five main trial areas: Cape York in Queensland, Ceduna in South Australia, the East Kimberly in Western Australia, the Goldfields in Western Australia and the Bundaberg-Hervey Bay region in Queensland. The cashless debit card is already operating across the country for people who choose to go on it, or for people who move out of one of the four areas above.

It works like this. 

A proportion of the fortnight payment - in most cases ) 80% is put onto a card which enables the person to present it at certain stores and outlets. The card cannot be used to purchase alcohol or tobacco or be used for gambling. It can only be used in pre approved outlets.

It was created under the premise that certain areas and demographics needed to be saved from themselves and they could better manage their finances and allow for the kids to be fed, the rent paid and was enough to buy school shoes and  and books etc. Great idea. 

On 17 December 2020, the Social Security (Administration) Amendment (Continuation of Cashless Welfare) Act 2020 received Royal Assent. The Act supports the continuation of the Cashless Debit Card for a further two years in the East Kimberley, Ceduna, Goldfields and Bundaberg and Hervey Bay regions until 31 December 2022.

Now, here is where it gets interesting.

In February 2020, Ann Ruston, Minister for Families and Social Services in the Morrison Government, gave an interview that raised some eyebrows. In it, she said that it was popular and the government would not rule out the idea of expanding it into broader use.

“We’re seeking to put all income management on to the universal platform, which is the Cashless Debit Card.” Anne Ruston. Source: 7News. 1 Feb 2020.

 Julian Hill, MP ( Labor )  for Bruce in Victoria recently expressed his concern about the government being in a position to make this compulsory, and, in particular, making it compulsory for Old Aged Pension recipients. 

Now, I have known about this programme since its inception. It didn't concern me because I was not in the firing line for coming under its gaze and jurisdiction.

However, in light on Morrison's backflip in relation to coal and to climate change, I cannot help but feel concern that we oldies are about to get duped. 

Do I trust him to leave my hard earned pension alone? No, not anymore.

I paid taxes for many years. I am now receiving something - a small portion of what I gave over the years and I will be damned if some Nanny State is going to tell me how to shop, where to shop or what to buy. I contributed so that I could have a modest income in my latter years. I do not want or need some young do gooder telling me how to spend my money or where anyone could buy a bra.

Several weeks ago, I would have dismissed this as Labor party propaganda, fear mongering and a deliberate attempt to scare me. 

However, after the betrayal of Morrison and Joyce, I cannot help but wonder: would they do it? Sadly, today, I find myself saying " Yes, and they probably will. "

The next part of the monkey puzzle that is this cashless debit card is the mob that are running it. A company called Indue. A private company is administering the taxpayer funded payments and the government is paying over millions of dollars into a debit card scheme run by a company that is not part of the government. How does that sit with others? It surely doesn't sit comfortably with me.

Who decides what shops are approved? What does it cost the store to be " approved?" 

If I organise a direct debit for my rent or mortgage and Indue Ltd does not pay, am I liable?  

Indue itself is interesting.

in due111

My question is this: why can the Australian Federal Government handle direct deposits to people's bank accounts for years yet now find it necessary to outsource this taxpayer money to the administration of a private company? 

In fact, why even retain a private company to control the pensions and welfare payments of Australian Citizens? 

But here is the biggie. 

Pty Ltd

Pty Ltd is a term which you will often see at the end of company names. It is an abbreviation for ‘proprietary limited’. Proprietary companies are the most common form of company. This type of company may only have up to 50 shareholders, and they are private. Private companies are only required to have 1 director. They are regulated by ASIC. The transfer of shares has to be done via the consent of the shareholders, and shares cannot be offered to the public or fundraised (subject to certain specifications).

Small and large companies

The Corporations Act differentiates between small and large proprietary companies. A proprietary company is small if its yearly revenue is below $25 million, if the value of the company’s gross assets is less than $12.5 million, and if it has less than 50 employees. A proprietary company is large if its annual revenue is $25 million or more, if the value of the gross assets is more than $12.5 million, and if it has more than 50 employees. There is also a difference between Pty Ltd and Pty. Proprietary limited companies (Pty Ltd) are limited by shares. On the other hand, unlimited proprietary companies (Pty) have share capital and shareholder liability is not limited.


Ltd simply means ‘limited’ and refers to limited liability. Limited liability companies are public companies, which means the public has a certain amount of ownership. Public companies may generate revenue in this way, whereas private companies cannot. ASIC requires limited companies to lodge their annual accounts with them. Public companies must have at least 3 directors. Unlike proprietary companies, public companies may have as many shareholders as they like. Proprietary companies tend only to provide shares to a select number of people. ASIC and APRA regulate these companies. Finally, public companies may list their shares on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

Now, according to a good chum, I am told that the biggest difference between a Pty Ltd and a Ltd company is that Ltd shareholders cannot be discovered on the public records. So who owns Indue? Who are the shareholders?

We do not know.

That worries me.

Taxpayer monies are going to a Ltd Liability company and we have no idea who owns the company that administers the distribution of funds. 

Does that not concern you? It sure concerns me.

Bottom line, it is all lies, damned lies and no statistics. 

Unless, of course, they are, as is often these days, damned lying statistics.

When trust is gone, as has been said here before, there is nothing left but shattered dreams, shattered hopes and the search for someone, anyone, that we can TRUST.

I will be putting my faith in Craig Kelly, Pauline Hanson, Riccardo Bosi or anyone who stands in my electorate. The Coalition has done something that no partner should do. They have betrayed my trust.

As far as the Senate is concerned, unless Matt Canavan jumps ship, he is just a toothless tiger who snarls and grizzles but can do nothing.  Same with my much admired Amanda Stoker.

At the end of the say, as Riccardo Bosi says

“Professional politicians in the major parties have ruined our country, serving not the citizens of the nation, but representing foreign powers and ideologies, as well as other special interest groups. We must make the choice not between ‘left’ and ‘right’, but between right and wrong.”

– Riccardo Bosi

If you sleep with dogs, you get fleas. 

 And sadly, we put plunder in their pockets. 


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