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It is with both a light heart and a very sad heart that I have written this article.      The "Thought Police" have entered our minds and invaded our lives   and walking up the steps  to the Mobile Library will be the least of our worries.   Will the free choice of books and what we read become a privilege  and be at the whim of not only the librarian    but the government?

I am sure many of you have  had someone look at them  with that accusing look in their eye     , then said something rude and impolite about not wearing a mask.  I have had that happen to me.   We have a mobile library in our area that  a kind and thoughtful Council has provided to  help out the oldies or the people without transport .   A country service which is appreciated by all who attend.


But several months ago when they brought in Mandatory mask  wearing  and signing in at the doors of places we visit for groceries or  purchasing some items   it all changed.    I have never worn a mask.   This particular day I went to the mobile library stepped inside and was  told in a very rude voice …" Redhead,  what do you think you are doing?    You haven't got a mask on , and I didn't see you sign in, you can't come in , tut tut..  you should know better and a  few more words along the same lines.
As you know I live at the beach, live a very isolated life , no husband now, do not go to any gatherings .


I exercise with the dog and breath nice fresh salty air.   Most of my friends  have all departed from this world but my neighbours are all healthy the same as I am.      I have since got an exemption from the mask wearing , and strangely enough the person in question who was so overbearingly rude to me greeted me last time with politeness and I felt  almost as if she had been told off.   Maybe she had used the same tactics  to some one else and was  reported to her Council  and she was asked to stop being so rude.

 What concerns me is not the fact that she was being a bully but that I will never  forget the way she   spoke to me and perhaps others  who are in a similar position to me.   I have slight asthma problems  especially if it is cold.     How many people have had an experience  of being told off  .. how many felt it was uncalled for ..   as if life at the moment is not restrictive enough that we are left with that  bitter taste in the mouth .     Some people love the power to  throw their weight around .. as the saying goes...

I will admit that I perhaps should have applied earlier for the exemption .. but  …  in all honesty could not  the  assistant in the Mobile Library have been more polite.     This is what on a larger scale has been going on in this beautiful Country of ours , Premiers  who think they are God , who have the power to behave like a demi God and  demand all sorts of restrictions without thinking of the consequences .    Look at what has happened to our children and teenagers , no school , no mates to play with,  no interaction with friends.   Locked up in a lot of cases in small apartments looking out windows. They cannot even go to the library.
The most pathetic  sight one can see is a little girl or boy on their own looking out of an upstairs  window 

I will say it again  and repeat it  again,   there is nothing like fresh  air , exercise, sport  and good company to keep us healthy and happy.   Throw in polite and helpful behaviour from people  in all walks of life that can make your life more pleasant  … that is all we ask for …    Australia  local and Federal  governments … get back to grass roots and think of the people  and not about the power you have to destroy their lives and their livelihood.

What we are seeing now is a Police FORCE where even some if its members  are saying enough is enough.    
 They will not  continue to serve in a Force that does not care for its people that  uses rubber bullets, tear gas and pepper spray to instil fear and compliance , who would have thought  2 years ago we would be reduced to seeing this dreadful behaviour.

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Once upon a time we spoke out if we saw someone ill treating a child or an animal , now we have to put up with rudeness, overbearing  behaviour , bullying  and even  be afraid to  stick up for our rights.    Well , not me , I will try to stay with my principles , be  helpful, polite and say what I think , speak out if I see cruel behaviour and wish I could  say something that would stop  those who have joined the "mob"  and think bullying is great fun.
I want Australia back.    Not this one masquerading as Australia.


 Why is this age restricted? Too true?
At the moment all I can think is .. We have to see a change  before it is too late , see someone take the helm  and protect our rights as individuals  , stop the  appalling behaviour of some members of the Police force and see some improvement in everyone's life. 

 I think it is time to tell our governments to take their masks off and show their real faces.   If we don't. they will be checking what books we read and the nasty librarian will be the least of our worries.


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