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The lost story of outrage that is about to surface.

With the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein and the focus on nxivm , we are in a situation that is about to blow the world asunder. Nxivm, a marketing company... that just happens to have links to sex cults...

This whole business of the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein is Pizzagate. That thing we all heard of and did not want to believe. That subject that was so horrific that none of us wished to even delve into.

But delve into it we must.

In 2011, the late great Andrew Breitbart tweeted  that John Podesta was a bit of a bastard. In fact a bit of a bastard in terms of pedophilia.

One year later, Andrew Breitbart was dead. Andrew’s death was, to say the least, suspect. There are many of us who believe that he was murdered because he was about to expose the corruption that needed to be exposed and was too damning to be made public.

HE had to be terminated. And he was.

The same year, 4 years before Trump stood for President, Trump tweeted that something had to be done about child trafficking. In fact, since President Trump was elected, he has focused on this issue. It is something that troubled him then and troubles him now.

By 2015, Trump had started to become more vocal about this issue. At that time, Trump started to tweet about Jeffrey Epstein and how he ( Epstein)  “ liked them young “ .  Not long afterwards, Trump banned Epstein from Mar a Largo, Trump’s resort in Florida. No matter what the media say, Trump was on to Epstein from the beginning.  In  fact, Trump actually assisted in the prosecution of Epstein in 2009. To my knowledge, he was one of a very few who did.

Fast forward to 2016. Podesta emails are released by wikileaks. Back then I first heard about pizzagate. I looked up the pizza words in the emails and it all led to pornography with children. Google has changed since those days and sadly I did not save screenshots. There was some pretty awful stuff. Fortunately, or unfortunately, it has been scrubbed from the net.

Suffice to say, it was repugnant. Many well known so called celebrities were apparently enjoying satanic rituals that, quite frankly, I do not wish to ever recollect save that they were horrific, repulsive and disgraceful and that it involved little children used in situations that were beyond belief.

The Podesta emails were damning. I saw the footage and I wish that I could unsee them.

However, Jeffrey Epstein was the lynchpin in the whole operation. His island was a haven for those that glorified child sexual abuse.  Andrew Breitbart was on to something and he paid with his life. He was about to reveal the filth that was going on and he died because he was about to blow the whole thing apart.

The pizza joint was a cover for a child trafficking ring. Used by rich and powerful people.

General Flynn is another fall guy for pizzagate. He knew what was going on. And “ they “ did not want him to be vocal. Thank God he is still alive.

He took a dive for Trump and I pray that he will be vindicated shortly.

Child sex trafficking was  and is the biggest issue in America right now.

We are at the bottom of the iceberg at present.

Not what you see. No. This is what you do not see.

Cardinal Pell was about to expose the corruption in the Vatican finances. He got taken out.

Have you noticed a pattern?

Anyone who highlights this suddenly gets arkancided.

Sessions was the silent sacrifice, like Cardinal Pell.

Flynn was a silent sacrifice.

The people who fall on their swords to lead to the arrest of the bastards that Trump wanted all those years ago? Well done them.

Sessions, Flynn, Pell, all those amazing people who were prepared to suffer humiliation and social isolation are about to be rewarded. I hope and pray.

So, really soon, I believe that the Trump factor will cleanse this and a pizza will simply be a pizza.

In the meantime, pizzagate is an iceberg and Jeffrey Epstein is the tip of the iceberg...  but what is really important is what is going on below the water.

Obama, Richard Branson, the Clintons, nxivm,  all have one person in common. Jeffrey Eptsein. A pedophile.  And, like all rodents, they tend to cluster.

It is time to poison their nest.

Well, I think I am off for a burger.

No more pizza for me.

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