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What a sorry situation we have  when   some poor chap would rather pretend he is a girl than compete against   his  fellow males.    He knows he is not good enough to win in the sports for men so he has to  take on the girls.   What kind of  situation have we got when the  Authorities who run these Sporting events  are allowing this to have even started let alone continue.  

How sad to need to cheat in order to win by being a loser.

Look at the Pretend girl figures , strong legs, big shoulders, taller than the most  girls, male faces, big chests .   Now  cast your eyes over the girls.    They are fit , good muscles, no extra  weight ,  in good condition , but did you notice ,  they are real girls.

In some countries scholarships are offered for good sports people as an entry into a University .     Can you believe that the poor chaps pretending to be girls have even fallen so low that they are taking those  places too.   And , to make it even more despicable the University Authorities are accepting these Pretend girls over and above the real and genuine girls.


I feel that some women have gone too far with their  feminist views  but I draw the line at having to accept this kind of discrimination against genuine females.   I have to accept that there are some  people who have a problem with who and what they are.  But when you now read of the unfortunate person who thought they were doing the right thing in very early teen age years now regrets that decision and are  now about to sue  the Authorities for allowing such an alteration to take place it is time to  put a  stop to this practice.

Young children love to do all sorts of things ..   play dress up, play cowboys , kick a foot ball, climb trees , even try Mum's makeup,  doesn't mean to say they are on the road to change their sex.     Having poor and neglectful parents could mean a problem but for goodness sake wait until they are at least  21 year's old before allowing major changes to be made to their bodies .   Then it is their decision not their parents or some money making official.  Parents have to  stop this idea that they can  bring their little boy up as a girl and visa versa.   You have been blessed with a bonny  little boy  or a lovely little girl 

Accept that fact.   

Today we have too many people who think they can say and do what they like and the rest of us will accept their decisions.  

We have been too polite and  we should have told them to get lost   .   We now have the job of trying to restore  the World to how it should be ,  Common sense and  true values.   Girls are of the female gender and Boys are of the male gender.   Accept that and stop the Unisex toilets   which is only an excuse  for peeping toms  and  encouraging abuse  of the young and innocent.


My feeling is that if the women put  a stop to all competition until this "Pretend Girls"  is stopped it might get sorted and quickly too,   but as long as the girls themselves are putting up with this deceit  who knows when it will be resolved.   What has happened to the Coaches of Women's sports?   Have they no say?  Do they not care? 


Time to put their weights up ladies!

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