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Children used to die from what was called " failure to thrive. "    This was put down to inadequate nutrition, but it is now seen to be due to the lack of stimulation and depression and is suffered by many elderly people who have been locked up and isolated because they are " being protected."    

I wonder how many of us are living in a make believe world.   We no longer have fun get togethers, we no longer join our friends and go to the movies,  how long ago was it that the family got together for a birthday party, a wedding , a funeral of a loved one.   Think about that.... 6 months, 1 year , 18 months , nearly 2 years.... 

  it is somewhere in that time frame.

Lockdowns, curfews, who would have thought we would see a curfew in this beloved country of ours.   Okay not every State but unfortunately  it has happened.   People locked up except for a quick trip to the local grocery supermarket , a walk in the park, often hounded by  police or some kind of Nazi figure  , telling different people  " you can't sit here", or arresting  some man for not wearing a mask, or even pepper spraying young kids who happen to be in a  Protest March  against what the so called Authorities are doing to  everyone.

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So how are we all coping.   Some are writing comments on different blogs , we are all reading  different people's opinions on what is going on in our lives.   We are either saying "how much longer is this dreadful curtailment of our lives going on for  "   or we are on  the other side saying"  How well we are being taken care of" .  We bury our heads in a book  or watch some drivel  on the TV.   Reality shows for goodness sake, all rubbish. 


Our so called Officials  have not done a  very good job  of taking  our children into consideration.    In the long ago past it was  easier to make your way in a world with a restricted early education , Opportunities were always there to better yourself but today they like to see exam results , certificates of achievement , what University did you go to , what degree have you got?  This very interrupted couple of years is going to play hell on the future lives of a great many of our children.   Do our so called leaders not realize this? 
Or don't they care?


So many  Life line calls, so many people very unhappy , so many young teenagers taking their own lives , is this not a concern ?    We are being very neglectful of the needs of our  children , there must be a better way to deal with the situation we find ourselves in,  than constant lockdowns and Nazi storm trooper behaviour towards our people.   Confinement and  separation,  causes anxiety , loneliness and depression and overall is not in the best interests of the population.    
 Surely we should be relying on natural immunity , fresh air , exercise and cleanliness instead of the regime we have been made to follow.   Just maybe the wearing of masks has a lot to answer for too, breathing in air that the body is expelling from the lungs that is caught up in cloth , seems a very poor way of keeping our systems  in a  clean and healthy position.  


Yes, it is a real photograph... but you no doubt get my drift - Monty

With regard to ventilation : the well-being of children much depends on a plentiful supply of fresh air, and dangerous diseases are generated by breathing over and over again the same atmosphere - found in a text from the early 1900's

 How can we lock our children up in apartment blocks and only give them one hour a day to get outside to exercise, breathe fresh air and play? 

 Can we not put our precious children and the future people of our Country first on the list of priorities  and give them a happy and full life of freedom and fresh air and exercise instead of another Lockdown? 
I hear that our little ones are failing to thrive because they have lived their lives without seeing faces and smiles and meeting people.   How can we stop this?   Their IQ's are dropping ... this is so wrong.
We have to stop this destruction of our next generations and we must demand that it stop now.   If we don't who will?  

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