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I wonder how close we are to becoming disenfranchised in order to perpetuate the narrative that White Lives Don’t Matter?

Throughout the world, people are being told to be ashamed for the colour of their skin and their ancestry and heritage.

In some places, indigenous people are being given preferential treatment over the rest of the population. I fear that this is the beginning of a wave of disenfranchisement for white populations and is going to grow to a tsunami, unless something is done to stop it by building a line of defence against this growing forment.

The warning signs are all around us. Sporting competitions have been tainted and the mantra of " rules for thee but not for me " seems to be the order of the day. 

The warning signs are already here in Australia,  and America is facing an invasion of illegal aliens and Black activists hell bent on supremacy. South African White farmers are being subjected to horrific injustices and abuse.

And it is all being done by our governments and under the banner of the  United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.


This quiet declaration of racial inequality is set to change our world and we, the people, have been blind to its very existence.

In 2019 a report was commissioned by New Zealand government Cabinet and later that year it was submitted for consideration. Should this road map to the future be adopted in its entirety, it would have enormous ramifications for the 83% of New Zealanders who do not identify as Maori. 

nz democracy hero he puapua

Some of it is already being introduced - Māori land is exempted from rates, establishing Māori wards, giving Māori greater rights under the Resource Management Reforms. There is to be a new history curriculum, and the impending Māori Health Authority - with veto powers over decisions being made on behalf of the rest of the population.

So let me take you on a journey to New Zealand and how Jacinda Ardern, under the mentorship of Helen Clarke ( former Prime Minister ) has transformed this small Nation in under 5 years.

Jacinda Ardern ,  once president of the International Union of Socialist Youth, has been a staunch advocate of leftist ideals.

Comrade Xindy “ won “ the election in 2017 because Winston Peters, a Maori, who lost his own seat but, as Leader of the party New Zealand First, he held the balance of power.  His party won 9 seats and 7.2% of the vote and, according to New Zealand’s voting system, MMP,  this gave him the “right “ to choose his country’s future.

Yes, that's right. A man without the support of his electorate, whose party gained 7.2% of the vote throughout the country, changed the course of this Nation's future. From a conservative democracy to a socialist left wing pseudo dictatorship - because one man made a decision that suited him and not his country.



A man who once stood up against Orwellian takeover pledged his support for a government led by a self confessed Socialist.

So how did it happen? 

The  Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) voting system to elect its Parliament was introduced in the 2017 election in New Zealand. . Under this system, the Government is usually formed by two or more parliamentary political parties. 

How does MMP work?

Under MMP, 120 MPs are elected to Parliament — 72 are elected by just the voters in individual electorates around the country and 48 are from political party lists (elected by all voters in New Zealand).  It is a proportional system, which means that the proportion of votes a political party gets reflects the number of seats it has in Parliament.

The 2017 election was the first time since New Zealand switched to the MMP voting system that the party with the largest number of seats was unable to form a Government with other parties. In the 2017 election, the National Party won 56 seats. Even though this was more than any other party, it was not enough to govern alone; it was also not able to make agreements with any other party to govern. 


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The types of agreements parties must make with other parties to form a Government, and to pass legislation, include:

  • Coalition agreements – when two or more parties enter into a formal coalition agreement to form a Government.
  • Confidence and supply agreements – when one party agrees to support the Government party, or parties, on votes of confidence in the House, and on the Budget (supply) bills that are voted on in Parliament.

In the 2017 election, the Labour Party won 46 seats.  It entered into a coalition agreement to form a government with New Zealand First, which had nine seats.

This resulted in a coalition minority government with 55 seats — still short of the 61 seats needed for a majority. The Labour Party then also entered into a confidence and supply agreement with the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand, which had eight seats.

Together, the three parties have a majority of 63 seats in Parliament.

So, Xindy became Prime Minister and was able to introduce her socialist brand of utopia because of a new voting system and the help of a man who did not even win his own seat in Parliament.

But back to the real reason for this article: the document known as He Puapua. To us, that literally translates to The Break in the Wave. Or the wave.


My concern is that this wave will bring a tsunami of misery to the white citizens of this once great land.

It proposes separate Māori authority across multiple layers of government and discusses constitutional change, such as a Māori Parliament. It also includes other just as radical proposals, among them:


  • the transfer of significant powers to Māori to make bylaws and authorise activities relating to the ownership and control of public resources;
  • delegating government powers across the resource management and conservation spectrum to Māori – including all Resource Management decision-making;
  • significantly increased return of Crown lands and waters to Māori ownership in addition to Treaty settlements; 
  • Māori ownership of foreshore and seabed;
  • provisions to make co-governance and co-management of freshwater bodies compulsory;
  • Māori to receive royalties for the use of particular resources such as water, petroleum and minerals;
  • separate Māori court and justice systems;
  • public education programmes across all sectors, including conscious and subconscious bias training, to deal with structural racism. 


He Puapua points out that considerable resourcing and capacity building will be required if Māori are to exercise governance power.


The Crown’s main contribution will be resourcing, suggesting “there are multiple streams from which financial contributions might be sourced, including, for example, levies on resource use where Māori have a strong claim to ownership, such as water.”  source


DOC is the Department of Conservation

I don’t know about you, but this has the stench of theft of human rights in order to award or reward others with that which has been stolen from another.

Will it happen?


As I said earlier, it has already started. A few examples are exempting some Māori land from rates, establishing Māori wards, giving Māori greater rights under the Resource Management Reforms. There is to be a new history curriculum, and the impending Māori Health Authority - with veto powers over decisions being made on behalf of the rest of the population.


I have long held the belief that New Zealand is the testing ground for the New World Order. It is isolated, has a small population and is largely insulated from the rest of the planet. The people are much like their national emblem, the kiwi: happy to keep quiet, out of the lime light and content to work hard to grub for food and enjoy a peaceful life.


If it works in New Zealand, it will work globally.

So, no matter what country you hail from and call home, be warned:


The Wave is coming.



Do we run for the hills or build a wall?  Or do we just stand on the shore and wait to drown?

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