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As time marches on, one lockdown turns into another and the world is still preoccupied with masks and mandatory misery, I have to wonder how and why we are being subjected to this mass hysteria and monumental manipulation of our mandated Rights?

Is it because we are justifiably frightened, or is it because the fear is fuelled by selective honesty?  After all, informed consent can only be given if that consent is given with full knowledge of things called FACTS

Only when we are in receipt of the FACTS can we make an informed decision about our future, our health, and that of our loved ones. Only then, can we give our informed consent.... or dissent. 



Our entire Nation is now divided into the haves and the have nots: those who have a government job and those who have not got a government job.

Those who have been vaccinated and those who have not. 

Those who are now being deprived of their right to work and earn a living and those who don't care because they get an income anyway.

Those who have to get the jab because they are scared of the virus and those who have reservations but are scared of losing their job if they are not vaccinated.

Haves and Have Nots. 

What concerns me is that people are making decisions based on fear and not on informed consent. Or, worse still, bribery. 

Get the jab, and you can travel. Get the vaccine and you can go to venues. Get the jab and you can live again, get a passport and hug a fellow vaccinated victim.

All because our governments know that we would not give our informed consent without blackmail, bribery and or willing " oh, bugger it. Get the jab and we can get back to normal. "

Otherwise, the warning that you will be an outcast, a person without the Right to travel and engage with the vaccinated. 



So let me take you down a road of medical manipulation and historic hubris where health specialists were hailed for their groundbreaking research despite their groundbreaking breaching of human rights. 

A tale that tells a story of medical experimentation and one that I fear may be playing out again and could herald a " New World Order " where we, those that refuse to be injected,  are the control group and our loved ones who have been jabbed are those that are the victims of the modern-day  Tuskegee Experiment.

Only, this time around, both groups are guinea pigs and the infection is a virus that could kill both the control group and the guinea pigs because the vaccine IS the virus.

Before I get knocked down as a conspiracy theorist, I will leave it up to you to decide. By telling you a story. 


Much has been written about the infamous Tuskagee Experiment, conducted in 1932 and lasting for 40 years.  It was sold under the guise of free medical health care and was nothing of the sort. In actuality, it was an observational study to monitor the impact of syphilis in a carefully hand-picked rural and impoverished community of black Americans.

Inspired by a study in Norway 20 years earlier, conducted between 1891 and 1910, 2000 patients who had syphilis were deliberately left untreated so that the impact of the horrific disease could be observed.

Aliaferro Clark, the head of the venereal disease department of the US Public Health Service, along with Thomas Parran Jr - the sixth US Surgeon General and a prominent Public Health Service official, an experiment was devised that would build on the earlier Norwegian study and focus on the impact of just one race.


Tuskegee, Alabama was selected because it was poor,  mainly populated by black people, of whom 25% were illiterate. They were sharecroppers and still reeling from the impact of The Great Depression.

Dr. Parran said "If one wished to study the natural history of syphilis in the Negro race uninfluenced by treatment, this county would be an ideal location for such a study,"  Dr. Clark echoed a similar sentiment, saying: "Macon County is a natural laboratory; a ready-made situation. The rather low intelligence of the Negro population, depressed economic conditions, and the common promiscuous sex relations not only contribute to the spread of syphilis but the prevailing indifference with regard to treatment."

What made it even “ better “ was that 40% of Tuskegee's black population had syphilis.

Under the guise of free health care, the locals signed up to the programme, believing that they would be afforded much-needed medical care .

The take-up of the offer was not high enough for the experiment to succeed, so they upped the offer to hot meals, free transport to and from appointments and other “ goodies “ to tempt them to roll up and roll up their sleeves.


It worked.

The patients were left untreated for 6 months and then treated with heavy metals, like arsenic, bismuth, and mercury, all of which were commonly used therapies at the time. However, the study subjects were largely only given treatment in order to abide by Alabama guidelines and allay any fears on the part of the participants.

The study involved 600 Black men, of whom 399 had syphilis. The other 201 African-American men who didn't have the disease served as the control group. All of them were then given placebos to continue the lie that they were being treated, while in reality, none of them were receiving proper medical care. The study went on for 40 years, and when it finally came to an end in 1972, only 74 of the subjects were still alive.


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An intern at the Tuskegee Institute's hospital stated  "The people who came in were not told what was being done. We told them we wanted to test them. They were not told, so far as I know, what they were being treated for or what they were not being treated for. [The subjects] thought they were being treated for rheumatism or bad stomachs. We didn't tell them we were looking for syphilis. I don't think they would have known what that was,"

So much for informed consent.

Despite knowing, as early as 1947, that penicillin could cure syphilis, no one received penicillin.

Things were taken a step further in 1946. Dr John Cutler who was involved in the Tuskegee Experiments embarked on a new study in Guatemala. Only this time, he didn’t just observe people with syphilis, he actually injected them with syphilis.

In the study, the researchers were investigating whether penicillin — which was already being used to treat syphilis — could prevent the disease if it was administered right after someone was exposed to the bacteria.

The researchers exposed hundreds of people in Guatemala to the disease. Many were men who were prison inmates, others were residents of an army barracks and mental hospital. None of the subjects were asked for their consent. The researchers used visits with prostitutes who were infected with syphilis to expose the men to the disease (such visits were legal in Guatemala at the time). source


Wellesley College professor Susan Reverby, a medical historian who has written two books about the Tuskegee case,and discovered the Guatemala experiment,  said ““they used direct inoculations made from syphilis bacteria poured into the men’s penises and on forearms and faces that were slightly abraded when the ‘normal exposure’ produced little disease.”

They did treat the people with penicillin afterwards, but, Reverby writes, it’s not clear whether everyone was cured, or even whether they received what would have been considered adequate treatment.

So why am I writing about an experiment in Norway at the turn of the last century, an experiment conducted after the Great Depression in Tuskegee Alabama, and an experiment conducted in Guatemala pre World War II?

Because all were conducted without informed consent.

I feel fairly confident that not one participant would have agreed, had they known that they were guinea pigs or lab rats.

I wonder how the world will look back on 2020, 2021?


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