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Firstly, I want to apologise to our American friends for not putting this up sooner. I had intended to but got sidetracked by things like Covid and vaccines. 

But we should NEVER be sidetracked from something as important as remembering those who gave so much and honoring their sacrifice and their Patriotism.


 How can we ignore a day that, to Americans, must be like our ANZAC Day? A day to take stock of who we are, what we have and how easily it can be taken from us. 

Memorial Day is one of the most important days on American Patriot's calendars. This brief but heartfelt tribute is a shout out to you, your soldiers and those who helped keep our world safe. 

To think that I ignored this in favour of debating a Chinese virus and a vaccine that may or may not be safe. 

I would never ignore ANZAC Day and I should never have forgotten to honour Memorial Day.


We here down under dedicate one day to honour our fallen. America pledges a weekend. And that is fine by me. Happy Expat wrote about the Eagle Squadrons and has told us about the wonders of our Defense Forces. We have shared the work of so many heroes, reluctant and otherwise. 

But one thing that always shone through was the bravery, the camaraderie and the patriotism that these men and women have given to us and for us.

I read  comment which I share with you now:

I remember our Military men and women who didn’t make it home from wars they served in, they gave their lives to protect the USA and serve our country. And the men and women who lost their lives due to the demons that haunted them when they returned to the USA, and they ended up taking their own lives to stop the nightmares and voices. And the men and women who are still haunted by the memories, nightmares and demon voices of war and what they witnessed. And to close family members that lost their lives serving our USA.

I also remember so vividly the ghosts that haunted my dad.... until the day he died. And also my Mom who was an Army nurse in WWII, she had a hard time showing emotion to her children/grandchildren as she held so much emotion inside herself. My Mom was an Australia an who came to the USA. She married my dad in Melbourne 

Well, Sir, I honour you now and thank God that we have friends like you.


Now, if only we can get Trump back......





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