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I grew up in the era where Cancer was a word you never used unless it related to a star sign in the daily horoscopes. It was referred to as a euphemism - The Big C. As a Cancer survivor, I have learned to say the word and also to confront the cancers that pervade our society under the guise of " it is for our own good. "

Today, we are being invaded by the slow but ever persistent creeping wave of destruction that will inevitably overwhelm us. UNLESS we start to build some walls, push back and stop the incoming tide of cultural and societal corruption ( another " C " word we could do without ) we will be swamped and will drown in the incoming wave of the letter C out of control.

I recently received a short video clip of an ice tsunami in Russia.


This was what started me thinking about what is happening today.

I watched the people standing on the shore taking photos and filming the oncoming ice wave and they keep walking backwards as the ice approached them. It was a spectacle; something to put on social media and no doubt take selfies of them witnessing this amazing event. All the while, they walk backwards in retreat.

Is this not what we are doing these days? Each and every day? Walking backwards, always in retreat as yet another media monster threatens to take away our moral high ground and stable high ground?

The entire western world is being ruled by fear at the moment.


Our children are being taught to be terrified that the world is about to end. 


The entire world has been brought to its knees by a virus and we have seen our economies and ways of life destroyed in just over ONE YEAR.

The only country in the world that has prospered during this time of lockdown has been the country of origin of the thing that has crippled us. 

Our ability to function on a human level has been so drastically altered that I wonder if we will ever be the same again? 

The idea of a hug, a cuddle or a visit to the supermarket has been sullied by suspicion of our fellow citizen or even family member. We trust no one. We wear masks and hide our emotions, our faces and our identities.


Long gone are the days where wearing a pair of sunglasses to greet a newcomer was considered bad manners. I was brought up in a time when it was courtesy to show a full face when meeting people. No doubt a throwback to ancient times when we needed to know and see our enemy or potential foe.

I cannot help but think about masks and the old saying " to lose face. " 

'Lose face' began life in English as a translation of the Chinese phrase 'tiu lien'. That phrase may also be expressed in English as 'to suffer public disgrace', that is, to be unable to show one's face in public. 

And here we are, afraid to show our faces in public because we are being taught to be afraid to do so for fear of being shamed by others, fined or arrested. 

face mask hailakandi

Our confrontation of the wave of Cancel Culture has seen our societies transform from places of traditional conservative Judeo-Christian beliefs that embrace family values, the love of hearth and home, into places that many of us find foreign and abhorrent.

Our schools are no longer places of learning about history and the fundamentals of our cultural and moral values. Places where children should be educated, not indoctrinated. 

They have become places of brainwashing and social manipulation. 

Cultural Marxism is alive and well in our world today.


Our media has become largely left leaning purveyors of cultural marxism with the sole intent of bringing down any politician or public figure who dares to stand up to the new wave of Critical Race Theory is a Racist. Instead of embracing our differences, we are being told to submit to becoming homogenised people and that our diversity is racist. Because, by definition, Cultural Race Theory implies that if you believe that race exists, you are a racist.

Their answer? Intermarriage and there will be no race. No inherited culture and no diversity. Just a homogenised society.



Where will this end? 

I fear that unless we stop standing by the slow but insidious wave of the destruction of our moral high ground, we will become backed into a corner from which there will be no escape.

We will be swamped by the ever increasing waves and tsunamis that are washing on the shores of our Nations and we will be too late to build a wall to keep the waters of social destruction at bay. 



It may already be too late.

But if we want to stop the BIG C's that are ravaging our bodies, souls and very identities as individuals in the path forward, we must stop walking backwards and confront the wave full on.

We must stop taking pictures and recording our demise as Nations and as individuals and say one simple word: NO. 





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