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We have just enjoyed an enormously successful month and our heartfelt thanks must go out to the posters that contributed to our Military Memory Month in the lead up to ANZAC Day.

As a site devoted to all things patriotic, I wanted to share my hopes and visions for our future and seek your feedback on what we hope to achieve.

What is Patriotism?

It is a national pride and the deep feeling of love, devotion, and sense of attachment to a homeland and alliance with other citizens who share the same feeling. It is all-encompassing and impacts on every aspect of our lives.

I guess it is a sense of community and wholehearted regard for all things that make us part of our tribe, group or family at large. 

It is that emotion that makes our hearts beat with pride and our tears well up when we see our flag or hear our National Anthem played. It is that duty we KNOW exists when the chips are down and we just HAVE to speak out, act or put our hand up and say 

"What can we do? "

I believe that John F Kennedy said it best when he spoke those famous words


It is the sure knowledge that you have to fight for your country and hope like hell that your country fights back along side you.

Sadly, in recent times, we have become Nations divided. 

We have those, like us, who seek to contribute to our common good and stand and defend our magnificent Nations against invasion... yet we have others who seek only to sabotage and destroy. Today, they are called activists.

In the old days we called them traitors. 

Our great Robert Menzies once said 


And boy oh boy, have his words come back to haunt us in recent years.

We have become a world of apologies in the name of retrospective bitterness. Championed by those that never knew the heartache or heartbreak; the sacrifice or the lingering torment of wars fought in the name of our countries and in defense of our National identity.

No matter which Nation we call home.

For myself, I cannot help but believe that our greatest hope for a bright future is a joint resolve to keep Patriotism alive. You only to have to look at our flagship image to see how this blog values patriotism.

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To that end, I have thought long and hard about how we can continue to be part of our community, without losing our essence of SELF. In other words, knee jerk every day when some MSM article spikes our internet and conservative websites and patriotic blogs leap to defend against the latest attack by those who seek to have us apologise in the name of retrospective bitterness or seek to ask what their country can do for them.

 We need to keep the home fires burning and ensure that we do not lose our focus on other matters during this time of disruption, traitorous intent and apologies.

So, here is my plan for Patriotrealm and I invite your constructive input to see if I am on the right track.


Saturday: Memory Lane " I remember when.... " A chance to remember things that we can cast our mind back to and say, " yeah, I remember when... "

Sunday: Faith related .. Religion. The impact religion is having on our world and lives, both positive and negative.

Monday: Climate and Covid.  Articles that explore the woke culture and its impact on our lives in the modern world.

Tuesday:  Hero Stories from Australia  and NZ, America and around the world -  men and women and children. Animals, any hero whose life has impacted upon us as a society or as individuals.

Wednesday: Human rights   Mental illness, depression, Abortion, Indigenous Affairs, Children and elderly.   

Thursday: America Day. Our American brothers and sisters have long been part of the past, our present and our future. What happens there is of massive importance to what happens to us down under. It could be about election fraud, the Trump Presidency, past presidencies or current issues in relation to civil unrest or a political event unravelling.

Friday: Military Stories.   If we have learned anything at all over the past month, it is that our love of our military is deep. Our respect is massive. The famous battles fought from around the world need to be remembered and honoured. For every Australian story there is another, whether it be from here or from far flung places.  The stories from the Boer War, The Crimean War, WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan or Syria....  Bosnia, or the war against enemies in Eastern Europe... the list is too great to mention each by name.

Well, that is the plan. What do you think? 

I throw the comments open and invite you to give your feedback. 


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