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The world has gone mad and we are seemingly living in some kind of parallel universe where nothing makes sense. If Morrison doesn't pull his head in and stop being woke, his Government will topple and, as James Morrow so frequently says, Go Broke. As will this fine Nation. 

We will be morally and fiscally bankrupt. 

Our Federal Parliament is a laughing stock and has become a sewer of homosexual males jerking off on a female Cabinet Minister's desk; heterosexual male politicians are falling like flies for being drunken pillocks with one tracked minds; our female politicians are either being abused by female activists or heralded as heroes if they accuse a bloke of sexually inappropriate or lewd behaviour; other men are being accused of rape and unable to defend themselves in the barrage of media condemnation; black activists who self identify as aboriginal are demanding a complete constitutional makeover of our Nation and the politicians and media sit idly by while indigenous women are raped, beaten and sodomised.


This is not just a Canberra problem. This is a problem that exists on all levels of modern society whereby we have stripped all social and moral standards to such a point where it is going to be hard to come back from.

I have noticed that so many of the people who comment on this blog are happily married men or men who have been married. I cannot recollect one comment here that was not that of fond and kind regard for their " missus ". It is almost a bit of a bog-standard theme that runs through the comments where one chap might say " The missus told me to get off the computer and mow the lawns " and it is done with such a light-hearted banter that one immediately knows it is not vexatious or bitter.


Our female posters seem to love men, adored and adore Trump and speak highly of what they call " real men. " 

We are just average everyday people and surely we are not that rare these days? Or are we?

Young moslem girls are married off, subject to genital mutilation and wrapped up in claustrophobic clothing that stifle their ability to interact with others. 

Our native animals are hunted down and beaten to death by indigenous men who claim it is their cultural right to do so and our land is swinging from inferno to flood ravaged due to strangling and nonsensical environmental laws.

Our electricity grid is being destabilised and the prices are skyrocketing; our manufacturing sector is crippled by red tape,  our land and water are being leased to or sold to the highest overseas bidder and our agricultural sector is bound up in so much green tape that it seems as though they no longer own the land that they slog their guts out on each hour of every day.

Our children are being told that they can change sex if that is what they want and young boys are told to apologise for being male.


Women appear scantily clad in music videos while gyrating with the devil; the word pedophile could upset pedophiles and " label Them " ( WTF ????? ) and still expect to be treated with honour and respect?

Those sane, well adjusted and normal women are getting outraged that they might get a job or promotion because they are a woman, and to hell with how hard they worked to achieve success through merit. And I don't blame them.

Our soldiers are being treated with a cruel and abhorrent lack of regard and due respect; our armed forces are being dumbed down to become military fairies and our national broadcaster has become a leftie luvvie hotbed or mud slinging leftist dipstick. Meanwhile Canberra is alive with the sound of bullshit.


Our unborn are left to die in sluice rooms if they have survived the despicable torture of death by abortion and our elderly are abandoned to die from malnourishment and neglect in our so called care homes.

Jacinta Price goes to Canberra to argue the plight of the ignored, abused and gagged indigenous women and hardly a soul in Canberra will take the time to meet with these spokeswomen to hear the horror of their stories. 

 All the while, Morrison is busy introducing empathy and inclusion training and crying on television about how very sad he is about what has happened to his Parliament. His weak-kneed excuse for a Deputy Prime Minister is sounding like a broken record with issuing apologies like a Catholic in a confessional. 

His answer is to apparently boot out ALL the men ( not just the dickheads who are complete and utter boils on the Canberra bum ) and prevent any decent man from trying to do the RIGHT thing.

He is prepared to have Nicola Flint resign because of horrific abuse and then reassure us that more women can come in -  and to what fate? 


Why not get rid of the poison and venom that Nicola Flint was subjected to and protect those women of calibre who got there on merit in the first place?

Mr Morrison, all leaders from our states and other countries around the world: please just cut the crap and stop listening to people with drawing pins through their noses and tattoos of satan on their arms. Stop paying attention to soy boys and radical moronic feminazi's and start re winding the clock to decency.

Lock parliament up after hours. Stop talking about quotas. Stop treating our veterans like criminals. Stop ignoring the REAL problems in the bush. Start building some water infrastructure, some coal fired power stations and bring back responsible land management. Stop letting the states treat the Federal Government as a convenient cash cow. Stop selling or leasing our country to China and corporations. 

Stop placating the minority and get back to work. Governing our precious country. 

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