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This morning, I went down to the parking garage at my apartment complex. The goal? To put some shopping bags in my car.

On my way back up to my unit, a dog flew out of nowhere and knocked me off my feet and landed me on the concrete walkway. My shoulder is buggered and I have grazes all along my arm. I never did a thing wrong: I was watching my step and walking carefully and bang! Arse over tit and lying like a cast whale on the pathway moaning and wondering what the hell just happened. 

Sounds like life today, doesn't it? One minute, you are cruising through life and having a good time and then bang. Out for the count. As I lay there, trying to figure out what the hell just happened, I realised that this is how the world feels right now. Knocked over by a lying dog faced pony soldier who shot out of nowhere and took our feet from under us. 

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