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How to climb out of the Covid-19 Pandemic quickly and efficiently based on the mitigation of risk by ‘like-minded’ societies.

We all know that the Asian region, engages in practices of the most vile, barbaric and inhumane treatment of small wild animals. 

These so called ‘wet-markets’ rampant throughout China and South East Asia, refer to the exploitation of small exotic animals and are a code word for ‘blood markets,’ the most inhumane treatment of small terrified animals on the face of the earth.  Totally abhorrent to those of us who are used to treating animals with dignity and respect, who have rights and feelings, just as we do.

A REAL new civilized world order must be instituted.  You are either part of the civilized world or not part of the civilized world. Your country will be ostracized if you choose not to join the civilized world. Travel will not be tolerated to the civilized world.

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