Well Coles, after all these years I bid you a sad farewell. I genuinely thought that I was doing my weekly grocery shop, not attending a political rally.

It is IGA from here on.

Withdrawing your sponsorship from the Alan Jones Show is a move that will cost your bottom line.

Oh, I know that my pennies are but drops in the bucket in the scheme of things. But they are MY pennies and they mean a great deal to me.

If you wish to join me in my protest, let Coles know. 1800 061 562.



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If I ask myself who I truly respect and admire in the field of Sports, I would have to say Israel Folau and Margaret Holmes a Court.

Two Christian sports people who stood up for their beliefs in spite of fierce back lashes downunder.

Compare their sacrfices to what has happened to Adam Goodes and Colin Kapernick and you will see the pattern: two defended their faith and one defended his right to be a racist.



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 from Ellan Vannin at BFD. When I taught adults in a mature learning setting, I suggested that our own view of a situation was what influences our perception of the same facts and the same scenario.

I cited the tale of the flooded river. The bridge was washed away and a young woman was left on one side of the river, her fiance on the other. She desperately wished to get across the river to her beloved, but the only way was by ferry and there was only one ferry.

She approached the owner of the ferry and explained her situation. He said that he would ferry her across, on the condition that she slept with him.


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We have all heard the chants from the leftie luvvies that guns kill people. I remember reading a comment online somewhere that if taking guns off people was the answer then surely, in order to cut rapes, men need to chop their dicks off…. Such is the logic.


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All around the world, there is a growing sense of imminent crises… it is as though some central command has set the stage and choreographed the scenes that will come to the climax in the final scene.

The storm is coming and we may have to batten down the hatches.



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Opinion piece from Guest writer Redhead

The type of news we read today would not have been seen or heard 5 or 6 years ago.   In that short time the World as we used to know it has changed and changed dramatically.   Even little New Zealand has undergone  such a dramatic change it is almost  a different Country.   Australia with its  - “ we must be careful what we  say and do for fear of upsetting  a particular  group of  people.”    People who are new comers , people who a helping hand was given who somehow bite that hand that feeds them .      


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from Ellan Vannin at BFD.

We seem to have an outbreak of mental health issues throughout the world. Yelling “allah hu akbar “ is not terrorism, apparently it is a mental health issue.

People murdering others, massacres carried out – mental health issues.

There are people whose brains have been addled by drugs and they have mental health issues. Addled by religious zealous or fanatical indoctrination.


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China is flexing it’s muscle. Hong Kong is being threatened. USA is being threatened. Australia is not being threatened because it has already sold out to China.

The Port of Darwin is under Chinese control for 99 years, so that is fine. Chinese Warships can sail in to Sydney Harbour without notice so that is good. ( If you are China. ) But what if you are Australian?

Wouldn’t that be a tiny bit concerning if you were a dinky die, true Aussie Blue mate of all things Crocodile Dundee?

Wouldn’t the fact that many University Students in Australia are from China be a tiny bit of an issue?

Well, here I go, about to talk about the elephant in the room : China in Australia.


Did you know that in December 2018, Australia was hosting nearly 400,000 international higher education students?

International students account for roughly 25 per cent of all students on Australian university campuses, and approximately 10 per cent of all students now attending an Australian university hail from China.

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What a mad and insane decision by the Australian Judicial system.

Was this made because of our believed and beloved “ beyond reasonable doubt” or because no doubt is reasonable?

For myself, a non Catholic, a non practicing Christian, I believe that this stinks of Political corruption. It has nothing to do with Justice. It has nothing to do with Beyond Reasonable Doubt. It has nothing to do with what is Right, Just, Fair or even the rule of Commonsense.

It has everything to do with what THEY want, what THEY wish to have happen and all I can say is “ who are THEY? “

I wrote an article some months ago about this and I now believe it has nothing to do with anything other than what THEY want to have as the outcome.

Cardinal Pell is the Fall Guy and he should never have looked in to the finances of the Vatican. Bottom line, he did his job and he was and is being punished for it.

This man was probably one of the only decent and honest members of the senior clergy – he was delving into the dark financial dealings of the Vatican.

He has now become the fall guy to, like Christ, take on his shoulders, all of the sins of the Catholic Church… and the Vatican will see him suffer for being without sin.

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