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What are we achieving ?    The planes are still bringing in people who should have returned weeks ago.  They knew they were on count down.  Our borders should have closed and stayed closed to everyone. The mere fact that planes are landing bringing in hundreds of returning  residents ,  all over the  country is subjecting some people to risk.  

Whether it be the baggage handlers, the staff on the plane, the customs officials, then the Coach drivers taking them to the smart Hotel .   I feel for the Hotel staff, the owners may be making money out of this  venture but I wonder how the general populace  will feel about  staying in those rooms after all this is over.   I have a feeling that those Hotels will be given a very wide berth.     Hotel staff in particular will be hoping that they  stay safe from contamination.      I can imagine how the family of such workers must feel,  am I safe today , will I be   safe tomorrow.    

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