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Sky News host Chris Kenny warns Australia’s energy grids are far more “fragile” and "vulnerable” than they should be after thousands of Victorian homes were plunged into darkness on Tuesday. Parts of regional Victoria and Melbourne on Tuesday copped severe weather which brought down power lines, leaving hundreds of thousands of Victorians without power. Victorian Emergency Management Commissioner Rick Nugent warned it could potentially take up to a week for some houses and businesses to get their power back. Mr Kenny said the fragility of the energy grid also played a major role in the blackouts. “That's why there was load shedding, that's why there were widespread blackouts, that's why Victoria was frantically importing power from Tasmania, South Australia and NSW, and it's why the wholesale price in Victoria yesterday hit the market maximum of $16,600 a megawatt hour,” he said. “We always get hot and windy days, these are the days of high demand for electricity, these are the days of bushfire danger, these are what we get in an Australian summer and our system needs to be able to stand up to them much, much better than Victoria's did yesterday.”




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