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Close to 800 million sealed face coverings that were manufactured for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) scamdemic will soon be incinerated as fuel to keep people in Germany warm this upcoming dark winter.

Reports indicate that the economic powerhouse of Europe is struggling to stay afloat amid the ongoing altercation between Russia and Ukraine-NATO. This has left the country unable to obtain or produce enough energy to make it through the cold season.

Many in Germany are panicking and trying to buy firewood, stoves, wood pellets and anything else they can get their hands on to create heat due to the impending loss of oil and gas reserves.

The recent sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 (NS1) and Nord Stream 2 (NS2) pipelines from Russia to Germany via the Baltic Sea have only made matters worse, rendering an already difficult situation that much worse. (Related: Energy will soon have to be rationed in Germany due to inflation and shortages.)

As autumn arrives and the leaves begin to fall, bringing with this deadness the chill of cold, the German people are beginning to freak out because, much like the builders of the Titanic who said even God Himself could not sink that vessel, they never thought this kind of thing could happen to them, in Germany of all places.

Burning masks doesn’t generate “clean” energy – sorry, Germany!

The 800 million masks, we are told, have exceeded their expiration date (who knew a piece of Chinese-made paper and plastic had a shelf life?). They were originally purchased by the German government for an astounding $5.9 billion – talk about a waste of money.

Not only will burning the masks generate electricity, said Germany’s Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection, but it will also generate much-needed heat to keep people alive throughout winter.

The burning of the masks will not be “clean” energy like Germany has long prided itself on spearheading. The smoke and ash they leave behind will produce similar pollution to that of fossil fuels, which Germany has scoffed at in its transition to a “green” economy.

By the year 2030, Germany had planned to achieve a national clean energy output of 80 percent, an increase from its initial pledge of 65 percent. Currently – or at least up until this year – Germany claimed a “power mix” of just under 41 percent clean energy output.

The prospect of burning 800 million masks for energy this winter will greatly curtail Germany’s green transition, seeing as how masks are highly polluting when burned. In order to produce those masks in China, fossil fuels had to be burned as well.

We are told that Germany is planning to restart at least 20 coal power plants across the nation that were closed in past years to “save the planet.” Now, they are having to be used once again in order to save lives from hypothermia and death.

Unfortunately for Germany, the country has had difficulties as of late obtaining and delivering coal to said power plants. The Rhine River was prohibitively low for a while, preventing ships from passing through, and the costs associated with the entire supply chain have skyrocketed.

At the beginning of 2021, according to Heiko Mennerich, head of energy at Evonik, one of the largest coal plants in Germany, coal cost just $64 per metric ton. This past summer, that same metric ton of coal increased in price to $400 – a more than 600 percent increase.

“Let Germany be an example for the American people, should our own government find itself too dependent on foreign energy and turn to the burning of medical supplies for warmth in the winter,” one report warned.

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