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To be honest, I am so sick to death of hearing about diversity and racism. When I think about the disservice that these leftists are doing to our darker-skinned brethren, I feel a sense of loss. Far greater than what they think it is.

I cannot help but reflect on the likes of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment and the Maori Battalion . Comrades in Arms that served to defend our Nations and did so willingly and WITH PRIDE. And they were all " Black "

The memorial, erected to commemorate these brave and patriotic men was desecrated by wanton vandalism in the name of Black Lives Matter.


It seems to me that they do not care about the memory of what really happened, only that they wish to re write history and make it fit their narrative.


The service of the 54th Massachusetts at Fort Wagner in 1863 became one of the most famous episodes of the Civil War 

Of the regiment, Governor John A. Andrew said, "I know not where, in all of human history, to any given thousand men in arms there has been committed a work at once so proud, so precious, so full of hope and glory."

Yet Black Lives Matter decided that a monument to their bravery and fight to free the south was in some way deserving of ridicule and desecration.

Shame on them. Shame on us for not speaking out and protesting the violation of their memory.

Down under, the force of the Maori Battalion is legendary.



Survivors of the Battle of Greece from the Māori Battalion performing a haka in Helwan, Egypt, for King George II of Greece.

" This infantry battalion of the New Zealand Army was raised in 1940 as part of the Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force, following pressure by some Māori Members of Parliament and organisations throughout the country. The battalion fought during the Greek, North African and Italian campaigns and gained a formidable reputation. After the war, the battalion contributed a contingent of personnel to serve in Japan as part of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force, before being disbanded in January 1946."

I have often wondered if the worst thing that happened was disbanding the Maori Battalion because the need for brotherhood was simply replaced by bikie gangs. 

The Maori Battalion was a band of brothers, a band of cousins, fathers, uncles and sons. It is not wrong to need a family to fight for and with, is it? 

Who among us, would question the patriotism and devoted service that these brave men exhibited to defend the very rights that leftists seek to destroy?

I read a comment online today that truly made me stop and think.

" The Plandemic was intended to kill off people my age 60 and over because we have learned history. If they kill us off, destroy monuments, eradicate history then they can re-write it in their own image and words and wants and agendas. End game...destroy America. May God protect these United States."

I have to add that this IS A GLOBAL PLANDEMIC.  Our history is being re written by scholars of Marxist propaganda who do not like the fact that black and white fought and fight side my side and the only division in our societies is being created by those who seek to tear us apart and create division where none existed.


We are not Nations of division based on class or race. We unite under shared ideals and shared love of things like family, patriotism and love of life and all it delivers. We share the sheer joy of waking up in the morning under a common sun and sleep each night under a common moon. 

We fight for what is right and fight to defeat what is wrong.

When we, as bands of brothers, stop fighting then we are no better than those who choose to photoshop our history.

Because, by photoshopping our history, we will guarantee a future that not one of us wants and our forebears do not deserve.






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